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Millennium's most important recurring Characters

The most frequent and important recurring characters from Chris Carter's Millennium television series are presented below with mini-profiles or character summaries. You can click on their names or the actor/actress names to access full details in their respective Character and Cast Profiles.


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Peter Watts

Peter Watts, a mysterious ex-FBI agent, is the first of the Millennium Group to contact Frank as soon as he arrives in Seattle with his family. Watts is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced. A man of few words, his seriousness commands the respect he deserves as a 'Patron' of the Millennium Group.

Peter Watts left his position as Assistant Director of the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force to join The Millennium Group, which promised him, like Frank, understanding in a chaotic world. He later became a senior member of the Group and 'Patron' to Frank Black, assisting him on numerous Group assigned cases.

Peter Watts appeared in 40 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Lara Means

Lara was a highly professional forensic psychologist who frequently assisted Frank on Group assigned cases. She was also cursed by an angelic presence that warned her of imminent danger.

During the weeks leading up to her induction into the Millennium Group, Lara's angel abandoned her in fear of a higher power and she was left without its guidance. Alone and faced with the responsibility of being a Group member, Lara's sanity quickly diminished. Her final act was giving her Marburg Virus vaccine to Frank, who then gave it to Jordan. She was hospitalized as a result of her mental condition.

Lara Means appeared in 10 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Lt. Bob Bletcher

Bletcher was a veteran homicide detective with eighteen years of experience. He worked closely with his friend Frank Black out of the Seattle Police Department and was fascinated by both the profiler's amazing abilities and the group he worked for. Bletcher was later killed by an unknown assailant, suspected to have been Lucy Butler.

Lt. Bob Bletcher appeared in 11 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Det. Bob Giebelhouse

Det. Bob Giebelhouse, affectionately known as Giebs, was a Seattle Police Department homicide detective who was occasionally partnered with Detective Teeple and met Frank through mutual friend Bob Bletcher. Seattle detective with a cynical view of humanity and a penchant for gallows humor. Initially Bletcher's partner, he becomes the head of Homicide in Season 2.

Det. Bob Giebelhouse appeared in 16 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Lucy Butler

The mythology of Millennium focused heavily on the nature of evil, both human and supernatural. It was the supernatural element which caught the attention of many Millennium fans in particular and this became known as the Legion myth-arc. There were many facets of Legion, earth bound manifestations of pure evil, but one of the most popular with Millennium's fans and also most seen throughout the show's three seasons was that of Lucy Butler, played five times with increasing intensity by talented actress Sarah-Jane Redmond.

Lucy Butler appeared in 5 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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The Old Man

The leader of The Millennium Group, he was responsible for educating Candidates on the nature of Evil. Among them was Frank Black who visited Bucksnort on the request of Peter Watts. The Old Man traveled to Seattle and, through his death, reunited The Millennium Group, which had begun disintegration through the influence of Odessa. When questioned by Lara Means on what faction he believed (Owls or Roosters), he replied that he had already "seen the end of the world" when Rudolph Axmann had his parents gassed at Auschwitz. It's later revealed that The Old Man approached Peter Watts with an offer to join The Millennium Group. Watts, going through an especially difficult period, saw comfort in The Group, and agreed.

The Old Man appeared in 3 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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