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Millennium contains an inspired collection of recordings to reflect and accompany the show's dark themes and fascinating characters including tracks from Cypress Hill, White Zombie, Mark Snow, Bobby Darin, Patti Smith and many more. It's almost impossible not to appreciate the artistic effect when listening to The Carpenters sing Close to you during the vicious dog attack in Beware of the Dog or America's Horse with no name during Owls, not forgetting of course the effect of Love Is Blue in A room with no view.

Our comprehensive Millennium Music Guide is integrated into our Episode and Credits guide, providing in most cases in-depth articles and profiles on the artists, bands and composers whose music featured throughout Millennium's three seasons. Each music profile will provide information on who performed a specific track, background information, video content, and details on the various artists, episode related details with useful links and each will remind you which in which scene a piece of music was featured. The music guide also lists any other tracks, songs or compositions used elsewhere in Millennium by the same artist, band or composer.


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This Millennium Music Guide contains a total of 61 music profiles, including:


Millennium Music Releases

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Millennium Limited Edition 2008 2-Disc Original Soundtrack by Mark Snow, a 57-track release published in 2008. Available to everyone worldwide but limited to sales of 2000 copies, the first 500 of which were signed by composer Mark Snow.

Learn more about the Best of Millennium by Mark Snow iTunes release.

Best of Millennium by Mark Snow, a 22-track release published in 2003 but only on the US based version of iTunes.

Audio/Music Downloads

We have a number of audio/music downloads available via our Audio Downloads section and also in our community forum Downloads.

A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, 522666.
A random Millennium image from the second season episode Roosters.
A random Millennium image from the third season episode Matryoshka.