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Millennium Group - The Owls

The Owls version of the Millennium Group's Ouroborus.

During Millennium's second season episodes Owls and Roosters, the Millennium Group is almost divided into two factions, which threatens to escalate into a civil war between seculists The Owls, who believe in a scientific natural form of Armageddon, and the theologians, known as The Roosters who believe in a religious apocalypse.

The Owls believed that if a theological event did not occur in 672 days, a secular (non-religious) Millennium would result, leaving them in control.

During the episode Roosters, Lara Means explained Millennium Group member Mr Johnston's belief (and that of the Owls to Frank Black). Lara admitted she believed the theory, but would not join the Owls because of her persistent apocalyptic visions (which cannot be explained through science):

The Owls version of the Millennium Group's Ouroborus with the message 'It Is Still Dark Of Night'.

"... Throughout history, the Millennium Group has had access to scientific breakthroughs that were banned, or withheld, by those in power at the time. Copernicus. Galileo. The German physicists. This enabled the Group to leap generations ahead of mainstream research. The Owls claim is that six billion years ago, before the formation of the Earth, two neutron stars collided six billion light years away. This collision released cosmic rays, particles of such extreme energy, that the collision of these particles could transform the vacuum of space and cause a tear in the fabric of our universe. The Owls claim to have proof, that this tear, this expanding cosmic bubble, will reach our solar system within the next sixty years. And a new universe, its properties calculated anywhere between apocalyptic and inconsequential, will be created."

The alphabetical listing below includes all known characters who are identified as members of The Millennium Group's Owls faction.

The Owls

Mr. Johnston - Millennium profile image.

Mr. Johnston

Although claiming allegiance to the Roosters, Gordon Johnston was secretly a member of the Owls faction and approached Lara Means, claiming they could "relieve her of her gift" and "prevent her from going completely insane."

He was later murdered roadside by Odessa hit man Helmut Gunsche.

Mr. Johnston appeared in 1 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Mr. Otto - Millennium profile image.

Mr. Otto

Mr Otto is the unidentified Group Member who asked Frank Black if he knew who founded the Millennium Group during his Candidacy interview in the episode Luminary.

Mr. Otto appeared in 1 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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Mr. Plunkett - Millennium profile image.

Mr. Plunkett

Mr. Plunkett appeared in 1 episodes of the Millennium TV Series.

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