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The Academy Group, Inc

For Millennium, series creator Chris Carter based the Millennium Group on the real life Academy Group. Learn more about the Group and its purpose below. The official Millennium DVD Box Sets also contain interviews with the real life staff who assisted on the series, occasionally even answering technical questions over the phone to Millennium's Production Team. Actor and series star Lance Henriksen was especially impressed and fascinated by this group of intelligent and dedicated professionals.

The Academy Group, Inc

The Academy Group, Inc Logo.

The Academy Group, Incorporated (AGI), was founded by Dr. Roger L. Depue, former Chief of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia. AGI's practitioners and associates, former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and United States Secret Service (USSS) Supervisory Special Agents, played a major role in the creation of the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC). AGI staff of former career law enforcement professionals use their combined 300 years of experience to assist Fortune 500 corporations, public institutions, individuals, and law enforcement agencies in solving many types of cases. AGI is the model group for the "Millennium Group" in Chris Carter's television series Millennium. The Academy Group Logo (see opposite) was inspired from Thomas Harris' book Red Dragon.

A picture of Dr. Roger L. Depue, founder and head of the Academy Group.

The profilers and agents of the AGI have extensive knowledge in criminal behavior, including threats, violent crime, stalking, kidnapping, harassment, workplace violence, premises liability, civil/criminal actions, hostage/terrorism situations, etc. The AGI expert's basis of work is understanding the behavior which motivates an individual to act in a deviant, threatening, and/or malicious way. AGI practitioners are experts in a wide variety of areas, such as behavioral analysis, personality profiling, threat assessment, school place violence, cyber crime, violence in the workplace issues, termination strategies/planning, crisis contingency planning, physical security measures/surveys, hostage negotiation, hostage and street survival, violent crime analysis, and investigation. They provide expert training, testimony, consultation and research in these fields.


Above text courtesy of the Wikipedia contributors, "The Academy Group, Inc" Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Chris Carter

Creator/Writer/Exec. Producer

I haven't had a lot of feedback from from the FBI. I think that, er, they've contacted us about the X-Files which they like very much (unofficially), and I don't know quite how they feel about Millennium, but the Academy Group (whom the Millennium Group is based on) likes it very much.

The Academy Group came to my attention, er, through the FBI actually, and they suggested that I get in touch with them and they wouldn't return my phone calls for several months, they're a rather mysterious group themselves. So when they finally did I was able to get a meeting with them and sent the pilot for the series and they became very excited about being involved in it. I think they think it is top right.

Robert R. Hazelwood

The Academy Group and former FBI Special Agent

The Academy Group is a group of individuals who retired from the FBI Behavioral Science Unit and is dedicated to three different areas:

  • Consultation - on ongoing crimes of violence as both with criminal and civil litigation matters,
  • Research - conducting research
  • and lecturing around the world.

Robert R. Hazelwood

Academy Group Profiler

Myself and two others went out there and met with Chris Carter and Lance Henriksen and about 20 writers, as I recall - producers, writers, directors - and spent a wonderful two days out there. I mean, the hospitality was fantastic. And they were exactly the opposite of what we anticipated Hollywood would be like. They were very down-to-earth, very commonsense.

Lance Henriksen

Ex-FBI Special Agent and Criminal Profiler Frank Black

These guys were so sharp and so focused and so simple about their - well, on the surface it looked simple. But their way of approaching things was very helpful. Because it meant that you didn't come in with preconceived ideas. You didn't prejudge anything by material handed to you. And you didn't want to be told about it by anybody. So they would come in and based on what they saw, and only the facts, they would start opening this case up.

Welcome Frank.
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Further Information

For more information on the Academy Group, please view the following special features on the Millennium DVD Box Sets:

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