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Millennium Chronology

This Chronology or 'timeline' provides a useful reference to the events depicted and referred to throughout Chris Carter's critically acclaimed Millennium television series. It is based on an original timeline published elsewhere on the internet, now sadly lost in the mists of time. This version contains corrections, additions and links to each episode.


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Millennium Chronology

This timeline of the events depicted throughout Chris Carter's Millennium television series is meant to be a guide only and specific events may be out of chronological order. You can click on the episode links to view full profiles of each episode.


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A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, 522666.
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A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, Dead Letters.
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A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, Blood Relatives.
A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, Force Majeure.
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A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, Lamentation.
A random image from the first season episode of Millennium, Lamentation.

10 A.D.

The Millennium Group is formed. (A season two press release)

998 A.D.

The Group plunges into civil war as members attempt to possess the hand of St. Sebastian. Afterwards, the group plunges into two factions, the Secularists (Owls) and the Theologians (Roosters). (The Hand of Saint Sebastian)


Galileo is brought before the Inquisition and forced to renounce all his beliefs and writings supporting the Copernican Theory, which placed the sun motionless at the center of the solar system with all the planets, including the earth, revolving around it. Galileo replies "It does move," and is condemned for heresy. The Owls obtain his writings before the Church can destroy them. (Owls)


Annie Martin is born. (A Room With No View)


Annie Martin is kidnapped by someone who wants to make her "ordinary". She instead strikes a deal to preserve her talents. She takes the name Lucy Butler. (A Room With No View)


A wealthy Polish couple are killed in Rudolph Axmann's gas chamber. Their son, who we will come to know as the Old Man, flees to the United States, with Axmann placing a price on his head. (Roosters)


Frank Black is born to Henry and Linda Black. Frank inherits a strange intuitive gift from his mother. (Midnight of the Century)
It should be noted that Walkabout and Goodbye to All That suggest that Frank was born in 1947. This is obviously not possible because his mother died in 1946.


Frank's uncle is killed in the first wave of D-Day. Earlier, Linda Black had forseen that her brother would be killed in the invasion. (Midnight of the Century)


Rudolph Axmann flees to Paraguay after the fall of Nazi Germany. Axmann and other surviving Nazi officers form Odessa. (Roosters)

Frank becomes friends with a young boy named David Marx. Marx is the same age as Frank, and lives in the same neighborhood. (Walkabout, The Curse of Frank Black)

Agent Michael Lanyard goes to Los Alamos to investigate the murder of a scientist involved in the Trinity test. He soon discovers that the killer is named Warren Kroll. Kroll, however, is actually one of the scientists, Dr. Alexander. Alexander is shocked that good minds could create a device as destructive as the Atomic Bomb. Using his skill in nuclear fission, Alexander attempts to do to himself what he did to the atom, split off the evil in his nature. This results in Kroll, a darker alter-ego. Alexander is killed when he purposely exposes himself to radiation. Alexander's daughter, Natalie, is spirited away by the Millennium Group, and Lanyard's report is rejected. Angered, Lanyard resigns the bureau in disgrace. (Matryoshka)


Peter Watts is born. (Based on age of actor Terry O'Quinn)

Frank and David Marx accompany a small band of trick or treaters. They visit the home of Hank Crocell, a WWII veteran who lost many a friend in battle. Taking a dare from Marx and the other trick or treaters, Frank goes inside Crocell's home. As a result, Frank knows that that the rumors spread about him are not true. (The Curse of Frank Black)

Linda Black dies. Frank grew up to become bitter toward his father, who he believed let his mother die alone. In actuality, Linda foresaw her own death, and told Henry that she will let him know when it is time for him to die. (Midnight of the Century)


Circa this year, Frank and his brother Tom go swimming in a lake with friends, despite Frank's fear of the water. One of the boys mocks Frank for his fear of drowning and taunts him. Tom accidentally drowns this boy while attempting to teach him a lesson. Frank would be forever scarred by this event, a secret that only Tom and their father would know about. (Seven and One)


Hank Crocell dies. Using his gift, Frank discovers that Crocell killed himself. (The Curse of Frank Black)

Frank's friend David Marx dies. Marx's death deeply affected Frank. Frank would later use the name David Marx as an alias. (Walkabout)


Catherine Miller is born. (Luminary)


Frank joins the Seattle Police Department circa this year. He quickly becomes a detective, working under the supervison of childhood buddy Bob Bletcher. (Pilot)


Barry Baldwin is born circa this year.


Emma Hollis is born circa this year, to James Edward and Marie Hollis. Emma has an older sister, Melissa, and an unspecified number of brothers.


Lara Means is born circa this year.


James Hollis has an extramarital affair, which results in an illegitimate offspring, Tamra Caffrey. Caffrey would grow up to have several brushes with the law. (Human Essence)


Frank Black joins the FBI. Mike Atkins serves as Frank's mentor for an unspecified period of time, eventually Frank works primarily with Richard Gilbert, Samuel Kane, and Brian Dixon. (Gehenna, Paper Dove, The Fourth Horseman)

Frank's first field assignment was the pursuit of a serial killer named Richard Allan Hance. Frank was part of a team that cornered Hance in an abandoned warehouse. Hance killed several members of Frank's team, and injured Frank(scarring his right palm). Despite this, Frank could not bring himself to kill Hance, who was captured and sentenced to life in prison. (The Thin White Line)

The Russians begin developing a stronger variant of the Marburg virus. (The Time Is Now)

Historian's note: There really is a Marburg Virus. It is a sister to the Ebola and Reston viruses. The mortality rate for Marburg is lower than Ebola, but there is no vaccine available.


Melissa Hollis is killed by Michael Wynter. Wynter commits suicide in prison before he could be profiled. Melissa's sister, Emma, witnesses the murder and is deeply shaken by it, determined to find the motivation behind violent crimes. (Closure)


Dr. Ephraim Fabricant's obsession with death becomes too much, and he kills three nurses who worked in the Cedar Rapids hospital where he worked. Dr. Fabricant is captured by a team led by Frank, and faces the death penalty. Frank argues against executing Fabricant, noting that behavoiral scientists could learn from him. Judge Harold Park agrees, and commutes Fabricant's death sentence. (Lamentation)


Prions are discovered. The Russians use them to increase the toxicity of the Marburg virus. (The Time Is Now)


Andy McClaren investigates the murder of Cynthia Pagget. Other murders with a similar M.O. occur, and with each one, McClaren receives a strange journal entry on the victim. The case goes unsolved. (Skull and Bones)


While working on a case, Peter Watts discovers the mutilated body of a baby boy floating in a cooler. He would be forever haunted by this event. (The Beginning and the End, The Fourth Horseman)

Sex offender Dale Barker goes on a killing spree in Trinity, South Carolina. Barker's M.O. was strangulation. After leaving seven dead and two permananently injured, Barker is cornered in a churchyard by a team led by Frank, and takes his own life. (Thirteen Years Later)


The nuclear power plant at Chernobyl suffers a meltdown. One of the Chernobyl guards, Yura Surova, believes that a man named Yaponchik sabotaged the plant, and becomes obsessed with catching him. (Maranatha)

The mutant Marburg Variant(PRP) created by the Russians escapes into the environment, carried aloft by birds. A Wisconsin chicken farmer and his entire flock of hens are killed. It then mysteriously goes away. (The Fourth Horseman)


The Old Man recruits Watts into the Millennium Group. (The Fourth Horseman)


Frank marries Catherine Miller.

Lucas Barr is discharged from the army for unspecified reasons. (Via Dolorosa)

A Millennium Group candidate we will come to know as Polaroid Man undergoes a ceremony to become a full Millennium Group member. When he is told that every full Group member must be willing to "die for God", he goes mad. (The Beginning and the End)


Eric Swan is ordered to launch biological weapons on his fellow soldiers in the gulf. Forever haunted by this, he becomes obsessed with finding and exposing those who ordered the experiment. (Collateral Damage)

Jordan Black is born. Her birth is considered a miracle to Frank and Catherine, who were told that they could not conceive. (Pilot)


Acting on a tip from Polaroid Man, Henry Dion stalks a woman and kills her. The victim's husband, Malcolm Hunztinger, is charged with the murder. Henry continues to kill using a different M.O. Samuel Kane heads up the investigation, dubbing the killer "The Big Woodsman". (Paper Dove)


Frank pursues a serial killer named Edward Sebastian Cuffle. Cuffle takes polaroid photographs of his victims and sends them to the police. Cuffle is captured and sentenced to death, but Frank starts receiving polaroids in the mail. He suffers a nervous breakdown, and retires from the FBI. (Pilot)


Mike Atkins approaches Frank, asking him to join the Millennium Group. Believing it is a consulting company he agrees. (Luminary)

Frank and his family relocate to Seattle, but the Polaroid Man follows them. (Pilot)

Jordan contracts meningitis and nearly dies, but she ultimately recovers. (Pilot, Borrowed Time)

Peter Watts and Mike Atkins conduct a Threat Assessment on Polaroid Man. They reveal their findings to the Seattle PD and the FBI, but not to Frank. Atkins tells Frank that he doubts that it will go any further than the polaroids. (Gehenna, The Beginning and the End)


Richard Gilbert and Brian Dixon form The Trust, a security consulting firm. (The Fourth Horseman)

Dickie Bird Perkins is hired by the Millenium Group's computer services.

Charles Black is born. (Sacrament)

Ephraim Fabricant and Lucy Butler exchange wedding vows over the internet. (Lamentation)

Frank's brother, Tom, and his wife, Helen, go to Seattle for the christening of Charles. Helen is kidnapped by sex offender Richard Greene. Helen is rescued by the Seattle PD, but Jordan had visions of Helen being tormented. (Sacrament)

Frank suspects that Jordan may have inherited his gift, and consequently may not have a normal childhood. He seeks out an out-of practice doctor, Daniel Miller, who claims to have similar visions. Dr. Miller also claims that "The Gift" was really a temporal lobe anomaly in the brain. Miller is killed while testing a drug designed by Hans Ingram. Dr. Ingram covers up evidence of his drug's side effects, and soon after is arrested by the Seattle PD for obstruction of justice. (Walkabout)

Real estate lawyer Alistair Pepper suffers a heart attack and is clinically dead for several minutes. He awakens a changed man, and shifts his focus to criminal law. (Powers,Principalities,Thrones,and Dominions)

Ephraim Fabricant is abducted by Lucy Butler after undergoing an operation to donate a kidney to his ill sister. Lucy removes Fabricant's other kidney, then returns him to the hospital. Before he dies, Fabricant warns Frank that an evil greater than them has plans for him. (Lamentation)

Bob Bletcher is murdered while searching for an intruder in Frank's house. Lucy Butler is discovered to be in the area. Lucy is released due to lack of evidence, although Frank is convinced of her guilt. (Lamentation)

Watts has a Millennium Group member named Olson monitor Lucy's activities, but she kills Olson and submits false reports to the group. (A Room With No View)

Detective Geibelhouse becomes the new head of the Seattle P.D. homicide division. (Powers,Principalities,Thrones,and Dominions)

Frank encounters Alistair Pepper while investigating a series of ritualistic murders. Frank connects Pepper to Bletcher's murder and the evil that Fabricant warned him about. Pepper orchestrates the murder of Mike Atkins, then is snuffed out by a mysterious figure named Sammael, who says that Pepper was stopped to prevent his future actions. (Powers,Principalities,Thrones,and Dominions)

Yaponchik kills Russian immigrants in New York. Frank and Watts work with Yura Surova in an attempt to catch him. Yura intends to assasinate Yaponchik for the destruction of Cherynobl. Yura shoots Yaponchik in the head, but he miraculously survives, and escapes to Russia. (Maranatha)

Adele Huntziger asks Frank to help prove that her son, Malcolm, did not murder his wife. Frank works with Kane to find the real killer. The Polaroid Man suggests that Henry go after Catherine, but he declines. (Paper Dove)

After Henry is captured, Polaroid Man kidnaps Catherine and attempts to turn her against Frank. Frank rescues her, viciously killing the Polaroid Man. Catherine decides to separate from Frank. In her eyes, he has lost something. (The Beginning and the End)

Lara Means becomes a Millennium Group candidate after being handpicked by Peter Watts. (Midnight of the Century)

Frank encounters the the Old Man while investigating a series of animal attacks. The Old Man reveals that Frank's gift is an ability to see into the heart of pure evil, and that it will grow stronger. (Beware of the Dog)

Frank meets Lara Means while investigating a case in Arkansas. They would work together on several other investigations. (Monster)

Millennium pathologist Cheryl Andrews becomes suspicious of the Millennium Group's motive after she is ordered to conceal the results of an autopsy. (Skull and Bones)

Hank Crocell visits Frank on Halloween. He says that if Frank leaves the Millennium Group, he will be spared the torment that will soon come. Frank declines. (The Curse of Frank Black)

Cheryl Andrews learns that Peter Watts and Frank Black are in Germany to search for the Hand of St. Sebastian. In an attempt to discredit the Group, Andrews follows them to Germany and frames Watts for murder. However, Andrews is arrested by German authorities after falling into a trap set by Frank. (The Hand of Saint Sebastian)

The Millennium Group convinces German authorities to drop the charges facing Andrews in exchange for her being deported back to the States. However, on the way to the airport, Andrews is executed by the group in retaliation for her actions against them. (Skull and Bones)

Linda Black contacts Jordan on Christmas, and helps her draw an angel that she was working on with Frank prior to her death. Henry says that Linda will come to him when it is time for him to die. Frank sees Henry's spirit walking to a cemetery on Midnight Mass, a sign that he will die in the coming year. (Midnight of the Century)


Brian Roedecker begins working for the Millennium Group as an IT systems specialist.

A Millennium team led by Robert LeFur finds what may or may not be a piece of the crucifixion cross. LeFur is killed by Odessa's chief assassin, Helmut Gunsche. Odessa attempts to destroy the Millennium Group from within by pitting the Owls and the Roosters against each other. (Owls)

After fifty years of being targeted by Odessa, the Old Man is assassinated by Gunsche. In retaliation, Watts assassinates Axmann, Gunsche is killed in a car bomb. (Roosters)

Lucy Butler kidnaps a Seattle High School's most talented students, with help from the school's guidance counselor. Frank, Watts, and Geibelhouse become involved when Lucy kidnaps Landon Bryce. Bryce is rescued, but Lucy escapes. (A Room With No View)

Seven biohazardous containers, containing the original Marburg strain, are stolen from the Centers for Disease Control. Could this be where the Millennium Group's vaccine was derived from? (Exegesis)

Frank's father, Henry Black dies. (The Fourth Horseman)

Richard Gilbert offers Frank a chance to join The Trust. (The Fourth Horseman)

Jason Malighony dies from exposure to Marburg Variant PRP. Frank and Watts are vaccinated when they investigate. (The Fourth Horseman)

The Davis Family in El Cajon, California, die seconds after they consume chicken tainted with Marburg Variant PRP. (The Fourth Horseman)

Frank discovers Lara Means has disappeared. Richard Gilbert finds her, and Frank sees her being inducted as a full Millennium Group member. (The Fourth Horseman)

Watts steals the Old Man's voice print identification and accesses Millennium files on Marburg. However a computer service technician notices the illegal access and notifies his supervisor. Watts is placed under surveillance. (The Time Is Now)

Richard Gilbert is killed in a car crash. An investigation headed by Brian Dixon concludes that Gilbert's vehicle was not sabotaged. (The Time Is Now)

Frank convinces Peter Watts to leave the Millennium Group, but he is captured while attempting to recover Lara. (The Time Is Now)

Lara is bombarded with apocalyptic images, and goes insane, finally slipping into a coma. (The Time Is Now)

Brian Roedecker is fired from the Millennium Group. (The Fourth Horseman)

Marburg Variant PRP hits the American West coast, China, and South America. Frank and his family retreat to a cabin to wait out the epidemic. Frank, Jordan, Watts and Geibelhouse survive the Marburg outbreak. Catherine dies from exposure. (The Time Is Now, The Innocents)

The Marburg Variant leaves 78 dead in the Pacific Northwest, with an unspecified number in other parts of the world. Because it was such a fast killer, it was not able to spread past the small pockets of the world where the outbreaks occured. (Exegesis)

Frank and Jordan return to Washington D.C., where Frank consults with the FBI. (The Innocents)


James Hollis begins suffering from the early symptoms of Alzheimers Disease. (Darwin's Eye)

Dr. Natalie Alexander becomes a controversial figure with her breakthroughs in genetics. Lanyard realizes that he has failed to prevent Natalie from following in her father's footsteps, and takes his own life. (Matryoshka)

Ed Cuffle is executed. (Via Dolorosa)

Lucas Barr begins to commit murders using Ed Cuffle's modus operandi. After FBI technician Doug Scaife gains access to Barr's address and medical file, Barry Baldwin leads an FBI team to Barr's apartment, but it is rigged with explosives and Baldwin is caught in the blast. (Via Dolorosa)

After Baldwin's death, McClaren appoints Ken McGreevey as acting Investigator-in-Charge. (Goodbye to All That)

James Hollis is abducted from his nursing home. He is returned cured of his mental illness. In return, Emma takes steps toward Millennium Group candidacy. (Goodbye to All That)

Frank discovers that the Millennium Group set the explosive that killed Baldwin and confronts Watts. Watts reveals that Barr was a subject of Millennium Group bio-experimentation. (Goodbye to All That)

McClaren fires Frank from the FBI after the Millennium Group gets a foothold in the bureau. (Goodbye to All That)

Scaife locates Barr and gives the new address to Frank. Frank is unable to prevent Barr from taking his own life.(Goodbye to All That)

Watts hands over sensitive Millennium Group files to Frank. In retaliation for this betrayal, Watts is assumed assassinated, and Frank and Jordan retreat to parts unknown. (Goodbye to All That)

The Millennium Group (the Roosters, at least) officially disband, but secretly implement their own plan to bring about the end. Several of their most devout members commit suicide, so a Necromancer, Mark Johnson, can turn them into the four horsemen that are intended to bring about the apocalypse at the turn of the Millennium. (X-Files/Millennium Crossover)

Note: This puts a new light on the Polaroid Man's comments about "dying for God" in The Beginning And The End

Andy McClaren retires from the FBI after 30 years of service. (Goodbye to All That)

Tom and Justine Miller challenge Frank for custody of Jordan. In an attempt to turn his life around, Frank enters a psychiatric ward for 30 day observation. (X-Files/Millennium Crossover)

FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully recruit Frank for help after the desecration of four ex-FBI agents who killed themselves. Johnson has raised the men from the dead, but one of them is destroyed. With Frank's assistance, Johnson is captured and put on suicide watch so he cannot become the fourth horseman. Frank checks himself out of the ward intending on finally leading a normal life with Jordan. (X-Files/Millennium Crossover)