Seven And One - Frank Black's Soliloquy

An image from Millennium: Seven and One.

In Millennium Season Three's episode Seven And One, Frank Black, for the third time in his life, ends up on the receiving end of a series of disturbing Polaroid photographs. This time, however, he begins questioning his own sanity for the digitally enhanced photos depict the victim of a horrible drowning accident and the face in one of the Polaroid's is his own! Is a ruthless demon seeking to push him over the edge into madness? Frank's painful childhood memories and the FBI's opinions that he is a crazed man make it all the more difficult for him to confront the evil attempting to ruin him.

Millennium - This is who we are is proud to make available for download two digitally cleaned and restored audio files. The first and full version features one of Mark Snow's most beautiful and haunting pieces of Millennium music followed by Frank Black's Soliloquy which he offered after saving the life of his FBI partner Emma Hollis as the conclusion of "Seven And One".

The second version is a shortened version of the first, this time offering just the Soliloquy.


Millennium Music Music


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Seven and One by Frank Black

(Narrated in the episode by actor Lance Henriksen)

I've been given the gift of hindsight,
Of seeing in the Dark, and seeing how the Darkness of men's hearts and minds.
I know what Evil is.
I've seen it, felt it, tasted it,
Inhaled the demon breath of it's ancient Powers.
The same Powers that had been prophesised through history and which are now marshalling.
Who is witness to this?
Have we stopped listening, to the Prophets, the Seers and the Sayers?

I have misjudged my gift
If I see in the darkness it's because there is light,
and it is the light which guides me now,
the light that will not go out,
that will lead us out of the dark night,
if, we let ourselves feel this too.
It will protect me, as it protects those around me,
even as the ancient forces try to steal our breaths.
Seven years of trials and tribulations,
Seven plus one the Prophets tell us,
Is this; the end?
The last year of this peace,
or the beginning?

Frank Black
~ "Seven And One"

Seven and One - Full Version

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Seven and One - Full Version

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Seven and One - Shortened Version

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Seven and One - Shortened Version

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