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Millennium Episode Review of The Time Is Now by Unknown

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 The Time Is Now

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Episode Summary

As Trust representative Richard Gilbert dies under tragic circumstances, Frank Black is given a lecture by Millennium Group superiors that only intensifies his fears regarding the now apparent cult-like organization. Peter Watts fights back against the Group he followed so loyally for so many years. Lara Means, confronted with the knowledge and sights of the coming doomsday, finds herself spiraling into insanity. As the bloody plague spreads far and wide, killing many, Frank, Jordan, and Catherine retreat into the woods of Washington to escape a grim end to the world as they know it.

Main Crew

Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Edited by James Coblentz

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Reviewed: The Time Is Now

Contributor: Unknown

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Who We Are

"This is who we are," Mr. Lott concludes his speech to Frank. But who are they? This scene, not only giving us a new way to look back at the entire season, also is interesting for its contrast between the way Mr. Lott explains the policy of the Group and the way it was explained by the Old Man. Things have changed since his death. The Group, which once seemed like a good group of people determined to save the world, now looks like a group that just wants to control the world. In the scene where the Old Man explains the Group's purpose and strategies, it is coming from a homely old man in bright daylight. Here, a mysterious man whom Frank doesn't even know corners him at night, forcing his ideas down Frank's throat. There is a stylistic difference. This isn't the same Group that Frank became aware of at the beginning of the season. But, overall, this scene is important for the clear explanation of the Group's philosophy. We're never sure that this is the Group's exact plan, but in the absence of any other real evidence, we'll assume that this is it. That being said, the clear explanation of the Group's philosophy, such an interesting and unique idea, and very central to the second season, ranks this as a top scene.