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Millennium Episode Review of The Well-Worn Lock by Erin (Raven Wolf)

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 The Well-Worn Lock

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Episode Summary

Catherine Black desperately tries to help a woman who was sexually abused by her father, Joe Bangs, when the man threatens to do the same to her little girl. The struggle for justice proves to be a difficult one, however, as the community reputation and political connections of Bangs remain intact despite Catherine's efforts.

Main Crew

Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Ralph Hemecker
Edited by Stephen Mark

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Reviewed: The Well-Worn Lock

Contributor: Erin (Raven Wolf)

An image from Millennium: The Well-Worn Lock.

"The cruelest lies are often told in silence." (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Arguably one of the most disturbing, heart-wrenching of the series, "The Well-Worn Lock" is yet another example of how Millennium was able to tackle the so-called "taboo" subjects with courage, talent, and class. Incest and child molestation are not subjects commonly covered on prime-time television, and, though this is not a typically "Millenniumistic" episode, it is very much in keeping with the groundbreaking quality of the series.

Catherine again was a prominent figure in this episode, even more-so than in "Blood Relatives". We finally get to learn more about her character, her personality, her passion. We see that she is just as dedicated to the contributions she makes though her work, however draining it is for her, as Frank is to his. Also, through our look into her world, we get a glimpse of what really goes on behind the scenes in the judicial system. We get to see just how easy it is for predators such as the father in this episode to slip though the system, and just how hard it is to see that justice is served. And, lastly, we get to see a woman play the hero, as Catherine puts her life on the line, blocking the father's escape with Frank's Jeep.

The trial was quite intense and well done. So often, in dramatic television, the ending is such a disappointment as so many try to make it "real", by letting the criminal escape any punishment. This to me is a mistake, because, though it's true that there isn't always a "happy ending" in real life, it isn't always necessary to reflect that in television. It's good to give viewers a sense of closure, for then that increases their sense of hope that the good guys don't always loose, and that they CAN make a difference. This episode ends with such a feeling hope, as "the well-worn lock" is cast off a bridge into the rushing water below, a wave of relief and release still washes over me.