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Millennium Episode Review of The Beginning and the End by Unknown

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 The Beginning and the End

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Episode Summary

Is it the beginning of the journey or the end when Frank allows his vengeance for the Polaroid stalker to push him over the edge in a relentless search for Catherine? The Millennium Group pulls Frank more deeply into its secretive ranks in an effort to bring closure to the abduction case with the knowledge that his work for them is not yet done.

Main Crew

Written by Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Edited by Chris Willingham, A.C.E.

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Reviewed: The Beginning and the End

Contributor: Unknown

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The Polaroid Stalker's Murder

The most viscerally terrifying scene goes to this one, not just because of the brutality of the murder, but also because of the identity of the aggressor. Frank Black. After the scene, I sat there, looking at the screen in awed amazement. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. Our protagonist, our hero, gutting a man? And yet, it's not as simple as that. Morgan and Wong do an excellent job of creating a sense of moral ambiguity with the flashes to the Polaroids. They show us what Frank is seeing. He is seeing the terror, the fear that this man has caused himself and Catherine. He sees the utter ruthlessness of the man whom he is stabbing. He doesn't see the man, merely sees the acts. This scene, really the culmination of the first season, is a fitting end. It shows all of the rage and determination that has been welling up in Frank. The cases he's seen. Mike Atkins's murder. Bletcher's death. The presence of evil in his house, his castle, his defence against it. And the terrorism of the Polaroid Stalker. This is all inside of him, and he lets it all out. And it's scary to think that a hero is capable of something like that. Even on The X-Files, where Mulder or Scully have killed people, there isn't the viciousness that Frank displays. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley after this.