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Worst Mm Episode....ever

Guest MMawagen

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Guest Frank L.

I personally loved Dead Letters (again it's an opinion). I just love this part:

James: (sighs) "I get so far into the heads of the

killers and the victims."

Frank: (shakes his head) "You haven't got there at all."

James: "Don't you tell me where I am!"

Frank: "You put them in *your* head."

You can see James losing it, and ultimately snap. The only thing I did

find annoying was Frank repeating "I've been there" over and over again.

I think there are no *worst* episodes. Just episodes that are less brilliant.

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Guest Wepwawet

'In Arcadia Ego' annoyed me enough that I still haven't watched the whole episode. It got turned off half-way through.

'Forcing the End' didn't do a lot for me either as drama (predictable ending that you can see coming a mile away), though I did appreciate the background to the story.

'Well Worn Lock', for me, ain't 'Millennium' but is still a well-acted piece of TV. But again, no surprises.

Those are my 3 bummers - the ones I'd be very unlikely to watch a 2nd time around. I loved all the 'humour'-based episodes: welcome relief from the norm. 'Somehow, Satan...' actually had me on the floor with laughter, though it still is a very dark episode with some damn nasty moments.

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We all have our favorites and they are difficult if not impossible to rank but one episode stands foot and ankles below the others....S3 ep "Human Essence". This is the only episode that I couldn't watch without getting annoyed, antsy and constantly glancing at the clock. Does anyone agree with me? :devil01:

i just watched that one tonight and you are correct, a little on the boring side....

"Have I run too far to get home?"

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Guest 5-2-2-6-6-6

Whilst I have only seen most of Millennium once, there were a couple that made me wonder...

'The Wild And The Innocent' - The end had been kinda done before. A lot. I didn't mind the fact that it wasn't the most mythological episode, as it just seemed like a passing case that Frank'd get himself involved in, being at the right time at the right place. Seemed reasonable enough. It was just a tad blasé.

'Loin Like A Hunting Flame' - I wish Jeremiah Smith had left this man alone in the restaurant if only to save me from this episode. It was vaguely interesting in that his marriage was bereft of sex, and he wasn't some simple ' ...and here's a maniac we made earlier' type of fellow. I just found the very periphery of his sexuality to be tiresome. 'Adam and Eve'? Since when?

'Sacrament' - Just kinda boring all round. I'll give it another watch.

'A Single Blade Of Grass' - Granted, we all like to dabble in a bit of culture to keep our stories interesting, though I'm a bit perturbed by the frequent 'Native American Cultist/Enemy' stories I've seen over various tv shows.

'Siren' - I was just disappointed. Felt like an uneventful X Files episode.

'Anamnesis' - It's alright kid... I would've shot her too. Seriously though, that is my problem with this episode. She's far too horrible to be decended from Jesus Christ! BAD CASTING. Holy people don't shout out 'DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!' when you grab their Mary Magdalene.

'Exegesis' - I'll give this another shot, but I wasn't overly impressed.

'Teotwawki' - Again, I'll have to watch this sometime soon, but, erm... all I remember are guns, parents and kids. This didn't just feel out of place in Millennium, it felt out of place anywhere, 'cause that was the entire episode. I mean, y'know... 'what?'. The actual plot felt tacked-on at the end.

'Human Essence' - Wasn't too bad. Anything involving Triads is watchable, for some reason. Plus, that guy's hand tattoo was smashing! That said, the episode was still about Evil Smack.

'Matryoshka' - Felt too much like an attempt to have a Millennium version of 'Travellers'. Also, being in the second half of the third season, I was hoping for a whole host of episodes that were a bit more mythological, like 'The Hand Of Saint Sebastien'.

'Forcing The End' - Well, it was kinda dull. Kept waiting for Juliet Landau to snap into 'mad cockney' mode.

As for some I've seen mentioned: 'Omerta' was amazing; I quite liked 'Borrowed Time', but I couldn't help but think about 'Resident Evil'. I think that poor man is going to be typecast as some big evil bloke who goes around killing everyone in every future endeavour; 'Broken World' - You've got to be kidding me? This was fantastic; As was 'Maranatha'; I personally really liked 'Monster'. Don't know why, it just struck me as 'watchable'; as did 'In Arcadia Ego'; 'Goodbye Charlie' - the guy was too funny to dislike.

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Worst episode...so many to choose from Season 3! I'll make it harder for me by choosing from the otherwise excellent Season 2.

My nomination goes to GOODBYE CHARLEY.... MILLENNIUM is at its best with universal themes about Good/Evil not current Hot Button issues of assisted suicide. Though listening to Tucker Smallwood doing karaoke has made me consider suicide, I think PBS could do a more informative show on the subject.

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Guest 5-2-2-6-6-6

Well, I rewatched 'Sacrament' and quite enjoyed it (I couldn't really remember much of it). However, I was reminded of the fact that I missed 'Blood Relatives' off the list. Now that was kinda dull.

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Guest The Mikado
Loin Like a Hunting Flame was 100% awful but i dissagree with Well Worn Lock..........not only did i like it but my wife too

Well Worn Lock was bobbins. I'm just not interested in watching dramas about kiddie-fiddlers.

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I'm only posting this so I crank up some much needed ouroborous rings beside my name :jumping: which is a joke by the way but since I'm here: Single Blade of Grass is hideous and believe me I have given it so many chances - I did try reading a little shamanic theory in the hope that it would open my 'third' eye to it all but it's truly terrible however you view it (it gets worse when you're drunk as it happens so there's little room for redemption) but also coming very close to a Millennium razzie are Omerta (give me strength) and Human Essence (give me drugs.) A couple of others are slighlty touch and go (Teotwawki, Well Worn Lock etc.) but those three are the infernal triad. Exorcise them methinks.



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Guest Reynard Muldrake

"Omerta" is hands down the most wretched episode of this series I've seen. It's just so bad I could barely get through it. If everything else about it weren't enough, the music really puts it over the edge. That sacherine sweet, high pitched crap...


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Guest Gatekeeper

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned "Pest House" or "Closure".

Pest House was predictable and boring whereas Closure had nothing to do with Millennium at all. It felt like a leftover X-Files episode that the producers stumbled upon.

I'm also not impressed with the two Darrin Morgan episodes. I thought they were a bit absurd and departed from the theme of Millennium to a considerable degree.

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