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  • May 5 1940.

Current Age:

  • Lance Henriksen is currently 75 years old.

Personal Trivia:

  • Lance Henriksen appeared in 67 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Awards Won for Millennium:

  • Unfortunately Lance Henriksen didn't win any awards for Millennium.

Award Nominations for Millennium:

  • 1996 People's Choice Award for Favorite New Male TV Star (Lance Henriksen)
  • 1997-1999 Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series (Lance Henriksen)
  • 1997 Saturn Award for Best Genre TV Actor (Lance Henriksen)
  • 1999 Saturn Award for Best Genre TV Actor (Lance Henriksen)

Lance Henriksen's Millennium Cast Profile

Millennium profile image.


Lance James Henriksen (born May 5, 1940) is an American actor, and artist, best known to movie and TV audiences for his roles in science fiction, action and horror films such as Terminator, and the Alien film franchise, and on TV shows such as Millennium.


Early life

Henriksen was born in Manhattan, New York City to a poor family. His father was a Norwegian merchant sailor and boxer nicknamed "Icewater" who spent most of his life at sea. Henriksen's mother struggled to find work as a dance instructor, waitress, and model. His parents divorced when he was only two years old and he was raised by his mother. As he grew up, Henriksen found himself in trouble at various schools and even saw the inside of a children's home. Henriksen left home and dropped out of school at the age of twelve; he would not learn to read until he was 30, when he taught himself by studying film scripts. He spent most of his adolescence as a street urchin in New York. Riding on freight trains across the country, he would also do time in jail for petty crimes such as vagrancy. It was during this period of wayfaring that he met lifetime friends James Cameron and Bruce Kenselaar.


Henriksen's first job in the theater world was as a designer of theatrical sets; in fact, he received his first role because he built the set for the production. In his early 30s, Henriksen graduated from the prestigious Actors Studio and began acting in New York City. In film, he first appeared in It Ain't Easy in 1972. Henriksen went on to portray a variety of supporting roles in noteworthy genre films such as Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and Damien: Omen II (1978). He also portrayed astronaut Walter Schirra in The Right Stuff (1983) and actor Charles Bronson in the 1991 TV-movie Reason for Living: The Jill Ireland Story.

When James Cameron was writing the movie The Terminator (1984), he had originally envisioned Henriksen playing the title role. Cameron went so far as to paint a picture of the Terminator using Henriksen's face, and he had the actor dress up as the character and attend an Orion Pictures production meeting in character. Regardless, the famous role ultimately went to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Henriksen did appear in the film, albeit in the minor role of Detective Hal Vukovich. Henriksen is perhaps best known for portraying the android Bishop, an artificial life-form, in Aliens (1986, another Cameron film) and Alien 3 (1992). He would go on to play Charles Bishop Weyland, the man Bishop's appearance was based on, in Alien vs. Predator (2004).

Henriksen and Bill Paxton are the only actors to appear in the Alien, Predator and Terminator series. While Paxton was killed by all three title creatures in his appearances, Henriksen was killed by the Terminator and a Predator (in AvP), and would have had the distinction of also being killed by an Alien after his character in Aliens was torn in half by the Queen. However, the android was not killed, and after making an appearance in the third Alien movie, asks Ellen Ripley to deactivate him.

Hard Target (1993) remained once of Henriksen's favorite films. He especially enjoyed working with director John Woo, saying "He let me do some real work as an actor. 'No' never came out of his mouth: it was always 'What could this be?'" He's one of the greatest directors ever: gentle, communicative and supportive. He caught everything that was important to me as an actor on film and oddly enough used the lot. The times I've seen my work and gone 'Jesus, they cut the behaviour, the motivation, the only reason I made the movie in the first place.' Not John. All my major scenes are intact." That film was also notable as scene Henriksen was accidentally engulfed in flames, as a stunt double was not used, and this surprised most of the film crew who nonetheless let cameras roll and it became part of the final cut. Henriksen later remarked on this incident saying "My training makes me fight until the very last cell in my body collapses with exhaustion. I competed with Van Damme using tremendous will against his iron strength. I held my ground pretty well although I didn't really like him until we came to reshoot the ending to give it a higher octane finish." Reviewer Neil H. Jones stated that this film showed "Henriksen at his best. Henriksen's deep voice waxes eloquently to an unknowning [sic] victim of the hunt, Elijah Roper (Willie Carpenter): "Think of what this $10,000 can do for you (if you reach the river alive). You can have respect, you can restore yourself to dignity rather than the shadow of a man who used to be." Lance exudes confidence, intellect, and talent whether playing Beethoven on the piano or firing his Thompson-Contender handgun at Chance. His acting is so convincing, you would not want his steel-cold eyes to glance your way. If you like Lance, you'll love Hard Target."

In 1995, Henriksen appeared alongside British actor Bruce Payne in Aurora: Operation Intercept. He would appear alongside Payne again in Face the Evil in 1997 and the dystopian classic Paranoia 1.0 in 2004. In 1996, Henriksen starred in the television series Millennium, created and produced by Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files. Henriksen played Frank Black, a former FBI agent who possessed a unique ability to see into the minds of killers. Carter created the role specifically for the actor. Henriksen's performances on Millennium earned him critical acclaim, a People's Choice Award nomination for Favorite New Male TV Star, and three consecutive Golden Globe nominations for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series (1997-1999). The series was cancelled in 1999. Henriksen's daughter, Alcamy, appears uncredited in an episode of Millennium. He later moved to the state of Hawaii with his wife Jane Pollack and their daughter Sage Ariel.

No less than three prominent franchise roles have been written specifically for Henriksen, though he would only star in one of them. James Cameron wrote The Terminator (1984) hoping Henriksen would play the title character. Chris Carter created Millennium (1996) specifically for Henriksen, then convinced him to become hero Frank Black. Lastly, Victor Salva wrote Jeepers Creepers (2001) with Henriksen in mind for the role of the Creeper.

On television, Henriksen most recently appeared in the ensemble of Into the West (2005), a miniseries executive-produced by Steven Spielberg. He has also recently appeared in a Brazilian soap opera, Caminhos do Coração ("Ways of the Heart") from Rede Record. It was announced in January 2009 that Henriksen would be guest-starring on an episode of NCIS playing a local sheriff.

In recent years Henriksen has also been active as a voice actor, lending his distinctive voice to a number of animated features and video game titles. In Disney's Tarzan (1999) and its direct-to-video midquel Henriksen is Kerchak, the ape who serves as Tarzan's surrogate father. He provided the voice for the alien supervillain Brainiac in Superman: Brainiac Attacks (2006). Henriksen is the voice of the character Molov in the video game Red Faction II (2002), which was developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ, and has also contributed to GUN (2005), Run Like Hell (2002), the canceled title Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (2004), and BioWare's role-playing game Mass Effect (2007) as Admiral Hackett of the Human Systems Alliance. Henriksen was also the voice behind PlayStation 3's internet promotional videos. In 2005, Henriksen was the voice of Andrei Rublev in Cartoon Network's IGPX. Currently, the actor is lending his voice to the animated television series Transformers: Animated as the character Lockdown.

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Related Comments/Information:

My agent sent me a script. And he said, "Read it. But I'm not going to tell you anything about it. About how it's being done or what it is." So I read it and it was powerful - this is the pilot for Millennium. A very powerful piece and the character was, I thought, really exciting, cos it's a new idea, a new kind of person. And then after I read it, I got excited as hell, cos I thought it was a movie. And they said, "No, it's a television series." I said, "No, that's not possible. Nobody can make a series on that script." It was a very vivid and edgy script. And he says, "No, it's definitely the pilot." And it was the pilot that we shot. But the thing is, then I said, "You know, I got some questions about this."

Source: Lance Henriksen Order In Chaos: The Making Of Millennium Season One

I think, you know, like a good - like Shane, like any cowboy, any good movie, Western movie, the hero is always very self-reliant. Quiet, capable, dangerous. That's what I saw Frank Black as. There was a moment when Bill Hurt's (William Hurt) name was mentioned, and I think it was one of those ideas that everyone gets excited about without thinking about the reality of it. So, while his name may have been mentioned, I doubt Bill Hurt ever knew that he was even up for this role. So Lance Henriksen really was the first and last choice.

Source: Chris Carter Order In Chaos: The Making Of Millennium Season One

Millennium Appearances:

Lance Henriksen appeared in the following 67 episode/s of Millennium:

MLM#-100  Pilot as Frank Black

MLM#-101  Gehenna as Frank Black

MLM#-102  Dead Letters as Frank Black

MLM#-103  Kingdom Come as Frank Black

MLM#-104  The Judge as Frank Black

MLM#-105  522666 as Frank Black

MLM#-106  Blood Relatives as Frank Black

MLM#-107  The Well-Worn Lock as Frank Black

MLM#-108  Wide Open as Frank Black

MLM#-109  Weeds as Frank Black

MLM#-110  The Wild and the Innocent as Frank Black

MLM#-111  Loin Like a Hunting Flame as Frank Black

MLM#-112  Force Majeure as Frank Black

MLM#-113  The Thin White Line as Frank Black

MLM#-114  Sacrament as Frank Black

MLM#-115  Walkabout as Frank Black

MLM#-116  Covenant as Frank Black

MLM#-117  Lamentation as Frank Black

MLM#-118  Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions as Frank Black

MLM#-119  Broken World as Frank Black

MLM#-120  Maranatha as Frank Black

MLM#-121  Paper Dove as Frank Black

MLM#-201  The Beginning and the End as Frank Black

MLM#-202  Beware of the Dog as Frank Black

MLM#-203  Sense and Antisense as Frank Black

MLM#-204  Monster as Frank Black

MLM#-205  A Single Blade of Grass as Frank Black

MLM#-206  19:19 as Frank Black

MLM#-207  The Curse of Frank Black as Frank Black

MLM#-208  The Hand of Saint Sebastian as Frank Black

MLM#-209  Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense' as Frank Black

MLM#-210  Goodbye Charlie as Frank Black

MLM#-211  Midnight of the Century as Frank Black

MLM#-212  Luminary as Frank Black

MLM#-213  The Mikado as Frank Black

MLM#-214  Owls as Frank Black

MLM#-215  The Pest House as Frank Black

MLM#-216  Roosters as Frank Black

MLM#-217  Siren as Frank Black

MLM#-218  In Arcadia Ego as Frank Black

MLM#-220  A Room With No View as Frank Black

MLM#-221  Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me as Frank Black

MLM#-222  The Fourth Horseman as Frank Black

MLM#-223  The Time Is Now as Frank Black

MLM#-301  The Innocents as Frank Black

MLM#-302  Exegesis as Frank Black

MLM#-303  TEOTWAWKI as Frank Black

MLM#-304  Closure as Frank Black

MLM#-305  ...Thirteen Years Later as Frank Black

MLM#-306  Skull and Bones as Frank Black

MLM#-307  Through A Glass, Darkly as Frank Black

MLM#-308  Omerta as Frank Black

MLM#-309  Human Essence as Frank Black

MLM#-310  Borrowed Time as Frank Black

MLM#-311  Collateral Damage as Frank Black

MLM#-312  The Sound of Snow as Frank Black

MLM#-313  Antipas as Frank Black

MLM#-314  Matryoshka as Frank Black

MLM#-315  Forcing the End as Frank Black

MLM#-316  Saturn Dreaming of Mercury as Frank Black

MLM#-318  Darwin's Eye as Frank Black

MLM#-317  Bardo Thodol as Frank Black

MLM#-319  Seven and One as Frank Black

MLM#-320  Nostalgia as Frank Black

MLM#-321  Via Dolorosa as Frank Black

MLM#-322  Goodbye To All That as Frank Black

MLM#-209  Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense' as Rocket McGrain

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