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Coker Creek, Vermont

Seattle, Washington

Fort Langley, Langley Township, British Columbia, Canada



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Notable Episode Locations

Coker Creek, Vermont


Seattle, Washington


Fort Langley, Langley Township, British Columbia, Canada


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Alternative Episode Titles

In France, this episode was entitled Omerta which translates into English as Omerta. [View all]

In Finland, this episode was entitled Ihmeellistä naisenergiaa which translates into English as Miraculous female energy. [View all]

In Germany, this episode was entitled Lassa und Rose which translates into English as Lassa And Rose. [View all]

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An image from Millennium: Omerta.

Episode Summary

Frank Black decides to take Jordan on a Christmas vacation rather than allow her to dwell on the fact that this will be their first holiday without Catherine. The small Vermont town they travel to proves to be less quiet than expected, however, when the two become involved with a dead Mafia hit man who appears in the woods looking very much alive! What is the secret behind two magical women living amongst the trees and what effects do they have on those they heal?

Main Crew

Written by Michael R. Perry
Directed by Ken Fink
Edited by James Coblentz

Main Cast

Klea Scott as Special Agent Emma Hollis
Lance Henriksen as Frank Black

Guest Stars

Bob Morrisey as Sheriff Earl Parker
James DiStefano as Boney Nerone
Jon Polito as Eddie Scarpino Giannini
Keegan Tracy as Lhasa
Michelle Beauchamp as Rose
R. Nelson Brown as Al Ryan
Tom McBeath as Jonathan Polgreen

Supporting Cast

Arthur Corber as Donny
Nicole Robert as Front Desk Clerk
Patrick Keating as Dr. Rice
Salvatore Sortino as Paulo Stefano

Uncredited Cast

Annabel Kershaw as Carol




Promotional Episode Tagline

Be good for goodness sake.

Seasonal Episode Tagline

wait... worry... the time is near


Please note that this is the original Fox synopsis and occasionally this may differ from the events that were actually filmed. Please also view the Omerta episode transcript which has been painstakingly checked for accuracy against the actual episode.

In 1989, three armed mobsters-Donnie, Paolo and Boney-march a fourth man through a pine forest located near Coker Creek, Vermont. Their prisoner is Eddie "Scarpino" Gianini, a former colleague who none-too-wisely had an affair with a powerful mob boss's wife. Shortly thereafter, the mobsters open fire, killing Eddie. Later that night, a female form finds Eddie's body... and drags it into the forest.

In the present day, Frank takes Jordan Christmas shopping. Jordan takes special interest in a nail polish display. She tells her father the polish is identical to the kind she purchased for Catherine the previous year, which is still in its original wrapping back home. Jordan is sad because it's their first Christmas without Catherine, and she's broken her arm. Frank decides to spend Christmas in Vermont. As he and Jordan enter the town of Coker Creek, they spy a small monument in front of town hall. The monument is a carving of a hairy creature known as "Littlefoot." A short time later, Sheriff Earl Parker arrests a man wandering almost-naked through town, his body clad only in Eddie's bloodied, bullet hole-ridden jacket. The man, Al Ryan, claims he cannot remember how he came upon the jacket. Realizing he will need help with the case, Parker turns to Frank. At the sheriff's station, Al tells Frank and Parker that he had been attacked and killed by a wolf during a hunting trip. When he regained consciousness, he found himself inside a cave, a feminine figure leaning over his body.

Frank, Parker and Al travel to the pine forest. There they discover the remnants of torn, bloodied clothing. At first, Parker believes that Al attacked and killed a victim. But a wallet found inside a pair of shredded blue jeans identifies them as belonging to Al. Frank concludes that Al probably was attacked by an animal... though he is unsure why he shows no signs of having been mauled. As Frank and the others follow the tracks through the woods, they come upon a figure of a man. A chase ensues. The figure suddenly leaps from the brush. Frank tackles the figure -- which turns out to be Eddie Gianini.

Emma Hollis travels to Vermont to help Frank with the case. She explains that Eddie had worked as a hit man for the Santo crime family. Donnie, Paolo and Boney eventually confessed to killing Eddie, and have been imprisoned ever since. When police received word that Eddie is still very much alive, the threesome was released from jail. Unfortunately, Eddie's reappearance also jeopardizes the government's case against Santo and his top operatives, who were imprisoned when the three mobsters testified against them (as part of a plea bargain arrangement).

Frank and Emma meet with Prosecutor Polgreen, who helped bring down Santo's operation. Polgreen interrogates Eddie, and questions him about the murder of some dead mobsters. To Polgreen's surprise, Eddie confesses to the killings. He admits to having carried out some twenty-seven murders in all. Polgreen is deeply suspicious, especially when Eddie refuses to identify where he has been hiding for the previous nine years.

Frank concludes that Eddie used the "Littlefoot" legend to draw attention away from something else hiding in the pine forest. He, Emma and a search team return to the wooded area, where they discover a small cave. Inside are two waifish women. The women, Rose and Lhasa, are brought to the Coker Creek clinic for treatment and observation. After performing a physical exam, a doctor determines they are both in perfect physical and psychological condition. The women are, however, unable, or perhaps unwilling, to speak. A short time later, Frank watches in amazement as Lhasa heals the battered face of a woman who had been the victim of domestic violence.

Frank begins searching through some photographs that Emma brought with her. Lhasa and Rose see the photos... and recognize Eddie's face amongst them. They also recognize stills of Donny, Paolo and Boney. Both women tell Frank and Emma that the threesome "whacked" Eddie, and that later, they brought him back to life. Polgreen realizes the women can testify to this in court, and thereby prevent the case against the Santo family from unraveling. A short time later, Frank learns that Eddie made bail... and his whereabouts are unknown. It doesn't take long for Frank to realize that Eddie has again taken refuge inside the cave. Frank pays Eddie a visit, and during their conversation, it becomes clear that during Eddie's nine-year stay in the cave, he told the women about his exploits as a mobster in great detail. He realizes that once word gets out that Rose and Lhasa are cooperating with the government, the mobsters will have them eliminated.

When Eddie and Frank return to the clinic, they discover that Rose and Lhasa have disappeared. But their fears are quickly put to rest when they find Jordan teaching the women how to use a swing set in a park nearby. An amazed Frank notices that Jordan's broken arm is now completely healed. Jordan tells her father that Lhasa performed the miracle. As Frank and Jordan walk back to the hotel, Jordan wonders if the women might be able to bring Catherine back to life. A short time later, Boney, Paolo and Donny open fire on Eddie and the women. Lhasa is hit by the gunfire and falls to the ground. Lhasa is rushed to the clinic, where she is placed under constant surveillance. Shortly thereafter, Eddie tells Frank that the prosecutor's office declined his offer to testify in court, due to his reputation as a mobster who faked his own death.

Jordan and Frank return to the clinic. There, Jordan unwraps the nail polishes and begins painting Lhasa's hand. Lhasa squeezes the girl's hand in her own. Later, Frank tells Eddie that authorities will move Lhasa from the clinic that night.

At the clinic, orderlies lift Lhasa into a waiting ambulance. Rose climbs inside to be near her. As the ambulance pulls away, Frank notices that Eddie is behind he wheel. After the ambulance has turned a corner, it apparently bursts into flames. Later, Jordan correctly surmises that her father would never let anything happen to Rose and Lhasa.

In a remote mountain cabin, Eddie wishes Rose and Lhasa a Merry Christmas.

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Mortality Count: 
3 Deaths

(Comprised of 3 murders + 0 kills in self defence + 0 justifiable homicides + 0 suicides.)

NB. Where applicable, large groups of victims (such as multiple victims in a plane crash) are represented by a count of group count of 1 due to impracticalities with listing so many unidentified persons. For enhanced details, see the Violence Markers below.

Violence Markers

  • Boney Nerone was responsible for the attempted murder of Lhasa during this episode of Millennium (Omerta).
  • Boney Nerone was responsible for the murder of Eddie Scarpino Giannini during this episode of Millennium (Omerta).
  • Donny was responsible for the murder of Eddie Scarpino Giannini during this episode of Millennium (Omerta).
  • Paulo Stefano was responsible for the murder of Eddie Scarpino Giannini during this episode of Millennium (Omerta).

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