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  • Jordan Black appeared in 39 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Jordan Black's Millennium Character Profile

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Jordan Black is Frank and Catherine Black's daughter and their only child. She's about five years old at the beginning of the series, and we see her celebrate her 8th birthday in the season 3 episode Seven and One. Jordan has a dog named Benny and, for a quite short time, a parakeet called Kenny.

Although Jordan is an average little girl in many ways, she's also considered an exceptional child. In the Pilot her father describes her birth a miracle, since Frank and Catherine weren't supposed to be able to have children. Jordan also seems to be intellectually above the average. This comes up in the episode Force Majeure, when Catherine tells Frank that Jordan has been accepted in the Green Valley Day School.

Furthermore, Jordan has certain mental abilities which resemble her father's gift. This is suggested for the first time in the episode Sacrament, where Jordan's aunt Helen Black is abducted. This intuitive sensitivity, which might be at least partially of supernatural origin, can be traced back to Jordan's late grandmother, Linda Black. She contacts Jordan in the season 2 Christmas episode Midnight of the Century.

Jordan's role as a seer grows more and more significant as the show goes on. Despite her special ability and smartness, or maybe in particular because of those features, she's fragile, just like any child of her age could be. This is indicated right in the first episode, where Jordan falls suddenly ill, and again in the episode Sacrament. The mysterious disease reappears in the season 3 episode Borrowed Time, where she nearly dies.

Jordan, like many children, often poses questions which may sound irrelevant at first but are actually hitting the nail on the head. By her naive curiosity she's not only learning about life herself but sometimes also making her parents take a better look at things. "Are you lonely without your mommy and daddy", she asks Frank by her grandparents' grave in The Fourth Horseman, for instance. The question is simple and "childish" and yet it manages to be touching and thought-provoking as it brings out the importance of family to any person at any age.

Both parents treasure Jordan and would do anything to keep her safe. Although she has a loving relationship with both Catherine and Frank, the bond between father and child grows constantly stronger. This is partially because of their mutual ability but naturally also because of Catherine's death in the season 2 finale The Time Is Now. Jordan's grief for her mother is depicted above all in The Innocents where she sets an empty place at the dinner table for Catherine and draws pictures of the three of them together, and the episode Omerta where she believes for a moment that her mother could be brought back to life.

Being a sweet little girl Jordan represents innocence and unconditional love and stands in sparkling contrast to the darkness in the series. As such she's self-evidently also a tempting target for evil as well as a means for Frank's enemies and tormentors to get to him, like in the episodes Siren, Saturn Dreaming of Mercury and Goodbye to All That. Evil comes chillingly near Jordan already in the season 1 episode Lamentation, when Lucy Butler visits the yellow house of the Black family.

Jordan's character is a stunning opposite of lonely, unhappy children of Millennium, as Patricia Highsmith in Wide Open, and children who have apparently fallen into evil, as Danielle Barbakow in Monster, Lucas Sanderson in Saturn Dreaming of Mercury and Divina Saxum in Antipas. In the world of the wicked, Jordan is a messenger of hope and, along with other children like her, could be seen as an answer to the question in the end of the episode Exegesis: Who's gonna see a different future?

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Jordan Black was a character in the television series Millennium.

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Jordan Black appeared in the following 39 episode/s of Millennium:

MLM#-100 Pilot played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-101 Gehenna played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-102 Dead Letters played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-103 Kingdom Come played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-104 The Judge played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-105 522666 played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-106 Blood Relatives played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-107 The Well-Worn Lock played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-108 Wide Open played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-110 The Wild and the Innocent played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-112 Force Majeure played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-114 Sacrament played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-115 Walkabout played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-116 Covenant played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-117 Lamentation played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-118 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-121 Paper Dove played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-201 The Beginning and the End played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-202 Beware of the Dog played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-204 Monster played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-207 The Curse of Frank Black played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-211 Midnight of the Century played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-212 Luminary played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-214 Owls played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-217 Siren played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-222 The Fourth Horseman played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-223 The Time Is Now played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-301 The Innocents played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-302 Exegesis played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-303 TEOTWAWKI played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-307 Through A Glass, Darkly played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-308 Omerta played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-310 Borrowed Time played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-312 The Sound of Snow played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-316 Saturn Dreaming of Mercury played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-317 Bardo Thodol played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-319 Seven and One played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-321 Via Dolorosa played by Brittany Tiplady

MLM#-322 Goodbye To All That played by Brittany Tiplady