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Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me

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Alternative Episode Titles:

In France, this episode was entitled Analyse Diabolique which translates into English as Diabolic Analysis. [View all]

In Finland, this episode was entitled Ihmiskunta tuhon tiellä which translates into English as Mankind on the way to destruction. [View all]

In Germany, this episode was entitled Arme Teufel which translates into English as Poor Devils. [View all]

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Awards Won:

  • Sadly Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me didn't win any awards.

Award Nominations:

  • 1999 Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Screenplay (Darin Morgan, "Somehow Satan Got Behind Me")

#MLM-221 Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me

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An image from Millennium: Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me.

Episode Summary:

Four vile demons, servants of evil who pose as elderly men, gather for their nightly meeting in a downtown donut shop and discuss over coffee and crullers their own personal methods of leading humanity down the path to hell. During the discussion they come to the realization that they’ve all encountered a gifted man who may have seen them for the demons they truly are: Frank Black.

Main Crew:

Written by Darin Morgan
Directed by Darin Morgan
Edited by James Coblentz

Main Cast:

Megan Gallagher as Catherine Black
Lance Henriksen as Frank Black

Guest Stars:

Bill Macy as Blurk
Dick Bakalyan as Abum
Alex Diakun as Greb
Wally Dalton as Toby
Dan Zukovic as Waylon
Gabrielle Rose as The Aging Stripper
Stephen Holmes as Perry

Supporting Cast:

Bill Mackenzie as Brock
Austin Basile as Donut Clerk
Fawnia L. Mondey as Stripper (II)
Kett Turton as Devil Worshipper
Michael Sunczyk as Johnnie Mack Potter




Promotional Episode Tagline:

Don't miss the most intriguing unusual episode of the year. Friday, take a twisted look at the forces of darkness... at play.

Seasonal Episode Tagline:

this is ... who we are ... the time is near


Please note that this is the original Fox synopsis and occasionally this may differ from the events that were actually filmed. Please also view the Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me episode transcript which has been painstakingly checked for accuracy against the actual episode.

After delivering newspapers to homes in the wee hours of the morning, a man named Abum makes his way to a donut shop. There, the grumpy old-timer angers a clerk with his irascible attitude. The clerk responds by urinating in Abum’s cup of coffee. Abum makes his way to a table, where he joins three other men: Blurk, Greb and Toby. As the foursome assume the shape of monstrous devils, Abum announces that the clerk urinated in his coffee. The devils share a private chuckle... that bubbles over into demonic cackling.

Blurk laments how the current century lacks characters and personalities. He illustrates his point by recounting a story in which he met up with a young man, Perry, who had potential serial killer written all over him. Posing as a hitchhiker in human form, Blurk befriended Perry, and the pair struck up a conversation about serial killers. Perry pointed out a little devil statuette on the dashboard of his van, noting that Johnnie Mack Potter, the most prolific murderer in America, made it in prison. Blurk revealed that he, too, collected murder memorabilia, and told Perry that he possessed all the makings of a prototypical serial killer. He encourages Perry’s talent, telling him to play the hand he had been dealt. Soon after, Perry began killing prostitutes, and eventually announced his intention to beat Potter’s record. Eventually, Perry came one murder shy of making the record books. However, it was at that point that Frank Black began closing in on the killer. During the investigation, Black saw Blurk for the devil he is...something that perplexes Blurk to the current day. Bored with the killings, Blurk gave authorities a clue that led to Perry’s arrest. Ironically, Perry ended up sharing a cell with his idol, Johnnie Mack Potter... who proceeded to strangle Perry, and remains the undisputed king of the serial killers.

Abum then proceeds to tell a story of his own, insisting devil work is no longer necessary, as mankind has found a way of doing it all for him. He recounts the monotonous existence of an Everyman named Brock, who repeated the same boring daily routine day after day. Brock frequented a strip club, which caused Abum to conclude that men sinned so often that whatever passion first compelled them to commit such acts had long passed. Eventually, Abum took it upon himself to tweak Brock’s life with a minor irritant (in this case, by assuming the form of a meter maid). During this particular incident, Frank spotted Abum’s true devil form while parking his car... prompting great interest from the devils listening to the story. Eventually, Brock threw himself out a window.

Greb proceeds to recount a story of his own, one involving a television network censor named Waylon Figgleif. Waylon believed the weight of maintaining a nation’s morality rested on his shoulders, and because of this, Greb believed that making Waylon’s mind snap was an especially easy task. Greb assumed the form of the Internet/Ally McBeal baby and ran inside Waylon’s office. Waylon concluded the baby was evidence of his own psychological breakdown, and attempted to censor things he encountered in his everyday life. The devil baby made yet another appearance before Waylon, this time encouraging him to kill. Waylon responded by bursting onto a Hollywood soundstage where two FBI agents were autopsying an alien body. As a cameraman recorded the action, Waylon opened fire, killing several of the actors portraying aliens. At this point, Greb snaps his fingers... realizing he, too, spotted Frank as he investigated the incident. Greg concludes that by damning Waylon’s soul, he damned millions of others... as the footage captured by the cameraman was broadcast by another network in a show entitled: "When Humans Attack!"

The other devils react with alarm when Toby declares that the mystery man (Frank) knows who they are. Toby then recounts his story. It begins at a strip club, where a naive-looking first-timer turned and looked at Toby in sheer horror. Toby realized the boy didn’t see his devil form; rather, he saw his own self, his potential future. Reacting to a particularly vulnerable moment, Toby paid a stripper named Sally to gyrate on his lap. The pair discovered they were like two lost souls, and a relationship developed. One night, Sally saw Toby’s true essence, his devil self, as he laid in bed. Sally nonetheless forgave Toby for his faults. Toby took Sally to the donut shop, where he began to ask for her hand in marriage. But at the last second, he changed his mind and ended the relationship. Toby then made his way to Sally’s apartment, where police discovered her body, the victim of a suicide. It was at the apartment that Frank saw Toby in his devil form. But instead of reacting shocked, Frank simply said, "You must be so lonely." It suddenly dawns on the other devils sitting in the donut shop that the description is correct, as they are all the loneliest creatures on earth. As the foursome leave the shop, Abum praises the clerk’s coffee.

1013 References:

  • The scene in which Waylon Figgleif attacks a television film crew features cameo appearances from two Millennium staffers. Director of Photography Robert McLachlan and cameraman Michael Wrinch can both be observed in the scene, as a director and clapper boy respectively. Credit: Brian Dixon, The Millennial Abyss
  • Digital special-effects artist Scott Wheeler, was assigned to make the baby with his team at Area 51 Special Effects - David Jones, Dave Carlson, Justin Hammond and visual effects supervisor Glenn Campbell. All these guys worked with Morgan and Wong on Space: Above and Beyond and were brought to The X-Files when S:AAB got cancelled. Credit:
  • The parody X-Files alien autopsy scene concludes with the Clapper Boy (played by 1013's Mike Wrinch) holding up the tail slate. It confirms the program they are filming to be called Alien Dossier, with Rob McLachlan as Directo and Barry Donlevy (occasional Millennium Gaffer and Cinematographer) on Camera. Although 1013's Robert McLachlan and Mike Wrinch are visible in the scene, it is unconfirmed whether Barry Donlevy can also be seen.

Episode Trivia:

Many of the myriad jokes crammed into this episode were written as humorous jabs at the Fox network. The segment featuring Waylon Figgleif, a censor for the fictional Ant Network, was written by Darin Morgan based on his observations of the Millennium staff's regular confrontations with the Fox network's own Broadcast Standards and Practices division.

The dancing, computer-generated demon baby that Waylon Figgleif sees as a hallucination spoofs the dancing baby seen on Fox's Ally McBeal. The demon baby seen here was created by Scott Wheeler and the creative team at Area 51, the effects house responsible for all of Millennium's special effect needs.

Credit: Brian Dixon, The Millennial Abyss

Writer Darin Morgan makes fun of three Fox Television shows during this episode: When Animals Attack, The X-Files and Ally McBeal.

Mortality Count: 
7 Deaths

(Comprised of 4 murders + 0 kills in self defence + 0 justifiable homicides + 3 suicides.)

NB. Where applicable, large groups of victims (such as multiple victims in a plane crash) are represented by a count of group count of 1 due to impracticalities with listing so many unidentified persons. For enhanced details, see the Violence Markers below.

Original Fox Episode Stills:

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Available Violence Markers:

  • Brock commited suicide during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • The Aging Stripper commited suicide during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Waylon commited suicide during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Blurk was an accessory to the murder of Perry during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Blurk was an accessory to the murder of 35 prostitutes and 1 satanist during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Greb was an accessory to the murder of "Alien" #1 during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Greb was an accessory to the murder of "Alien" #2 during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Abum caused or manipulated a suicide, that of victim Brock during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Greb caused or manipulated a suicide, that of victim Waylon during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Toby caused or manipulated a suicide, that of victim The Aging Stripper during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Johnnie Mack Potter was responsible for the murder of Perry during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Perry was responsible for the murder of 35 prostitutes and 1 satanist during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Waylon was responsible for the murder of "Alien" #1 during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).
  • Waylon was responsible for the murder of "Alien" #2 during this episode of Millennium (Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me).

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