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Frank Black - Millennium Character Profile

A Millennium character profile, listing all episodes in which Frank Black appeared. All main characters of Chris Carter's Millennium have detailed profile descriptions and profile photos where available, with more descriptions routinely added.

Where relevant, the Millennium character profile includes any determined ties or specific allegiances, for example with the competing factions of the Millennium Group introduced in Season Two; the secular Owls or the theological Roosters, or whether the character is determined as being associated with the seemingly coordinated presence of pure evil working against humanity, known informally as Legion.

Please note that all of our episode, cast, character and crew profiles may contain potential spoilers if you have yet to see the entire series of Millennium.

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  • July 12 1947.

Current Age

  • Frank Black would currently be 76 years old.

Behaviorial Record

This subject has an unexpected taste in music. He seems to vary his wardrobe from one year to the next. His choice of vehicle, however, is excellent. His tendency to click his mouse button with extreme vigour might indicate a repressed rodentophobia.

Faction, Occupation, Rank etc.

There is no pertinent data available for Millennium character Frank Black.

Personal Trivia

  • Frank Black's Millennium Group Database login is the phrase: "Soylent Green is people". Taken from the movie, Soylent Green.
  • Fans believe that whenever Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) enters a crime scene, his jacket or coat is always buttoned up to the very top and stays that way until he leaves the crime scene.
  • Frank Black appeared in 66 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Frank Black's Millennium Character Profile

Frank Black - Millennium profile image.


Devoted to his work (almost to the point of obsession), Frank Black has a reputation for being one of the most renowned profilers and criminal investigators. Part of his reputation is due to an ability to go inside the mind of the killer and witness events from his/her perspective. The nature of Frank‘s gift is ambiguous at best; at times it seems to be part of his senses, at other times it‘s almost psychic in nature. Having witnessed numerous atrocities committed by other humans day after day, Frank was finally forced into retirement after receiving photos of his family in the mail. At that point any desire to solve murders was lost, turning into an obsession to keep his wife and child safe. It wasn‘t until the Millennium Group contacted Frank and asked him to become a consultant did Frank decide to go back to work and start a new life for his family in Seattle.

A change of location didn‘t stop the photos from coming. Wanting to keep up the façade that no harm would come to his family, the only people who knew of these photos were members of the Group. Any pretense that the Blacks were safe was shattered when Frank‘s wife Catherine was drugged and kidnapped in an airport. Frank tracked down Catherine‘s kidnapper, and in an uncharacteristic fit of rage, killed him. Catherine was, of course, deeply grateful for having survived such an ordeal, but she was so shocked by Frank‘s actions that she thought it best they separate.

As if the separation between him and Catherine wasn‘t disappointing enough, Frank began to realize the Millennium Group weren‘t quite who they seemed to be. Although finding out that the Group knew about the man who‘d eventually kidnap Catherine and learning that their origins date back to the early days of Christianity, Frank still consulted for them. His limits were tested again when Catherine dies of the Marburg virus (the virus having killed several other people in Seattle). Convinced that the Millennium Group had evil intentions and that they needed to be taken down, Frank Black moved back to Virginia and went to work for the FBI. He took young agent Emma Hollis under his wing and acted as a sort of mentor. Frank‘s career in law enforcement ended after being accused of killing Agent Baldwin and finding out that he was cut off from the Bureau. The story of Frank Black ended with Frank staying in an asylum until Agents Mulder and Scully ask for his help on a case. Reluctant to help the agents at first, Frank eventually reconsiders and checks himself out of the asylum. At the dawn of the new millennium he reunited with his daughter Jordan, hoping to start a new future for themselves.

Profile courtesy of Betweenthelines.

Millennium Cast, Character or Crew Credit

Frank Black was a character in the television series Millennium.

Violence Markers

Frank Black was responsible for killing Polaroid Man in self defence during the Millennium episode The Beginning and the End (#MLM-201).

Millennium Appearances

Frank Black appeared in the following 66 episode/s of Millennium: