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  • 1960.

Current Age:

  • David Nutter is currently 57 years old.

Personal Trivia:

  • David is the father of actress Zoe K. Nutter who has appeared on cult favourite Roswell.
  • David Nutter undertook a total of 5 roles on Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

Awards Won for Millennium:

  • Unfortunately David Nutter didn't win any awards for Millennium.

Award Nominations for Millennium:

  • Sadly David Nutter didn't receive any award nominations for Millennium.

David Nutter's Millennium Crew Profile

Millennium Profile image of David Nutter.


David Nutter (born 1960) is an American television and film director and television producer. He is best known for directing pilot episodes for television. In 2015, he received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, for his work on the HBO series, Game of Thrones.

Early Life and Education

Nutter was born in 1960. He graduated from Dunedin High School in Dunedin, Florida, in 1978. He subsequently graduated from the University of Miami, where he originally enrolled as a music major.


David Nutter's big break came in 1993, when he began directing episodes of The X-Files. From there he would go on to direct the pilot, and help with the creation of, Space: Above and Beyond, Millennium, Sleepwalkers, Roswell, Dark Angel, Smallville, Tarzan, Without a Trace, Dr. Vegas, Jack & Bobby, Supernatural, Traveler, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Mentalist and Shameless.

He also directed Replacements, the fourth part of the mini-series Band of Brothers, and shared in that series's Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special. Other directing highlights include Join the Club, an Emmy-nominated episode of The Sopranos, and the 1998 feature film Disturbing Behavior.

Nutter directed episodes of the HBO series Entourage, including The Resurrection, The Prince's Bride and the series finale, The End.

In 2008, LG used Nutter's pilot expertise to create a campaign for its new Scarlet line of HDTVs, by creating a promotional clip in the style of a trailer for a TV pilot.

In 2011, Nutter directed the pilot of Rina Mimoun's The Doctor for CBS.

In 2012, Nutter directed episodes six and seven of Game of Thrones season 2. In 2013, he directed the last two episodes of season 3, including The Rains of Castamere, with the infamous Red Wedding scene.

Nutter also directed the pilot of The CW series Arrow, based on the comic-book character Green Arrow, starring Stephen Amell.

In 2014, he returned to the HBO series Game of Thrones to direct episodes 9 and 10 of Season 5. For episode 10, he received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.

Personal Life

Nutter has been married to his wife, Birgit, since May, 1987. They have two children, actress Zoe K. Nutter and Ben Nutter.

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David Nutter was a member of the Millennium crew.

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Millennium Production Roles:

David Nutter worked on the following 5 episode/s of Millennium:

MLM#-100 Pilot as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-100 Pilot as Director

MLM#-101 Gehenna as Director

MLM#-105 522666 as Director

MLM#-111 Loin Like a Hunting Flame as Director

Other Ten-Thirteen shows:

The X-Files: Director (15 episodes); Producer (10 episodes)