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Catherine Black - Millennium Character Profile

A Millennium character profile, listing all episodes and seasons in which Catherine Black appeared. The main characters of Chris Carter's Millennium have summaries and biographies where available. Where possible and relevant, we've also included any determined allegiance to for example Millennium Group Factions such as Owls and Roosters or if the person is determined as being a member of Legion etc.

Please note that our episode, cast, character and crew profiles may contain potential spoilers if you have yet to see the entire series of Millennium.


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  • February 6 1963.

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  • Catherine Black would currently be 61 years old.

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Personal Trivia

  • Wife of Frank Black, her maiden-name was Miller.
  • Mother of Jordan Black.
  • Catherine worked as a Clinical Social Worker.
  • Catherine's parents lived in Maryland.
  • Catherine's mother was called Justine Miller and her father was called Tom Miller.
  • Catherine had a sister called Dawn.
  • Catherine is around 15 years younger than husband Frank.
  • According to the episode Luminary, Catherine's birthsign (sun sign) is Aquarius and her moon sign is Cancer.
  • Catherine Black appeared in 46 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Catherine Black's Millennium Character Profile

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Catherine was born to Foreign Service officer Tom Miller and his wife Justine. Due to Tom's job she quickly became accustomed to moving from place to place, even spending time in Spain and Egypt. Once Catherine grew up she went to college and became a clinical social worker. She married Frank Black and the couple had a child, Jordan (a surprise for the family since Catherine normally wasn't able to conceive).

While Catherine understood what Frank had to do and was aware of the evils he faced day after day, there was only so much she could take. It wasn't until she saw Frank murder her kidnapper that she decided it was best they separate for a while. Although Catherine still loved him, she became distant and wasn't above blaming him for the separation (also placing the blame on the shady nature of the Millennium Group).

Despite their differences, the Black family was able to reunite during the Marburg epidemic. Spending time at a cabin located deep within the woods of Seattle, Frank told Catherine about a vaccine he was able to secure. Despite his pleas for her to use it, Catherine insisted that the vaccine be used on Jordan. Not long afterward, Catherine realized she had several symptoms of the Marburg virus and walked into the woods to die.

(Notable episodes featuring Catherine: ‘Pilot', ‘Lamentation', ‘Blood Relatives', ‘The Well-Worn Lock', ‘Paper Dove', ‘The Beginning and the End', ‘Anamnesis', ‘The Fourth Horseman', ‘The Time Is Now', ‘The Sound of Snow')

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Catherine Black was a character in the television series Millennium.

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Catherine Black appeared in the following 46 episode/s of Millennium: