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  • Frank Spotnitz undertook a total of 48 roles on Chris Carter's Millennium television series.

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  • Unfortunately Frank Spotnitz didn't win any awards for Millennium.

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  • Sadly Frank Spotnitz didn't receive any award nominations for Millennium.

Frank Spotnitz's Millennium Crew Profile

Millennium Profile image of Frank Spotnitz.


Award-winning American writer and producer Frank Spotnitz is Chief Executive of Big Light Productions, a London-based production company, which creates and oversees a diverse slate of international television series including drama, comedy and documentaries.

His 20+-year career in television includes creating, writing and producing series with networks, cable, streaming and other production companies all over the world.

He executive produced and wrote several episodes of the Amazon drama series The Man in the High Castle, based on the classic alternative history novel by Philip K. Dick. It is a co-production between Big Light, Scott Free and Headline and launched on Amazon Prime in the US, UK, Germany and Austria in autumn 2015.

Spotnitz developed the series, which debuted in January 2015, to strong support from audiences, who made it the most viewed pilot in Amazon’s history. The Los Angeles Times described the pilot as “provocative” and “smartly adapted by The X-Files’ Frank Spotnitz”. The UK’s Telegraph said it was “absorbing” and Wired called it “must-see viewing.” Entertainment Weekly said it was “engrossing” and “a triumph in world-building,” cheering “The Man in the High Castle is king.”

Spotnitz created and co-wrote the forthcoming series Medici: Masters of Florence, produced with Lux Vide Productions for RAI, Italy’s largest broadcaster. The cast of the epic series is top-lined by Richard Madden and Dustin Hoffman.

He recently executive produced (and wrote episodes of) season three of Studio Canal/Tandem’s international thriller Crossing Lines, which is currently airing in Europe and stars Goran Visjnic, Elizabeth Mitchell and Donald Sutherland.

In 2012, Spotnitz created, wrote and executive produced the international spy drama series Hunted for BBC1 and HBO/Cinemax starring Melissa George. His additional writing and producing credits include counter-terrorism drama series Strike Back (HBO/Cinemax, Sky), action series Transporter: The Series (TNT), ABC’s mystery series Night Stalker (ABC) with Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union, Michael Mann’s crime series Robbery Homicide Division (CBS), unconventional heroes comedy-drama The Lone Gunmen (Fox), sci-fi drama Harsh Realm (Fox), and crime thriller Millennium (Fox).

Spotnitz served on The X-Files for eight of its nine seasons after joining the show in 1994. He directed two episodes and wrote or co-wrote more than 40 installments of the series, including the Emmy-nominated "Memento Mori" with Carter, Vince Gilligan and John Shiban in 1997. He served four years as executive producer and three years as president of Chris Carter's Ten Thirteen Productions. He was a producer and co-writer of both X-Files feature films, Fight the Future (1998) and I Want To Believe (2008).

Spotnitz shares three Golden Globes for Best Dramatic Series and a Peabody Award for his work on The X-Files. He was also nominated for an Emmy Award for writing and three times for Outstanding Drama Series.

In 2013, Spotnitz founded Big Light Productions Ltd., under whose banner he has produced The Man in the High Castle, Medici: Masters of Florence, Crossing Lines season 3and Transporter season 2.Big Light has since become one of the fastest-growing independent production companies in Europe.

Born in Japan, Spotnitz received a B.A. in English literature from UCLA and an M.F.A. in screenwriting from the American Film Institute. Spotnitz lives in Paris with his wife, children, two dogs, a ferret, a fish and a hamster.

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Big Light Productions.

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Frank Spotnitz was a member of the Millennium crew.

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Millennium Production Roles:

Frank Spotnitz worked on the following 48 episode/s of Millennium:

MLM#-101 Gehenna as Co-Producer

MLM#-102 Dead Letters as Co-Producer

MLM#-103 Kingdom Come as Co-Producer

MLM#-104 The Judge as Co-Producer

MLM#-105 522666 as Co-Producer

MLM#-106 Blood Relatives as Co-Producer

MLM#-107 The Well-Worn Lock as Co-Producer

MLM#-108 Wide Open as Co-Producer

MLM#-109 Weeds as Co-Producer

MLM#-109 Weeds as Writer

MLM#-110 The Wild and the Innocent as Co-Producer

MLM#-111 Loin Like a Hunting Flame as Co-Producer

MLM#-112 Force Majeure as Co-Producer

MLM#-113 The Thin White Line as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-114 Sacrament as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-114 Sacrament as Writer

MLM#-115 Walkabout as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-116 Covenant as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-117 Lamentation as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-118 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-119 Broken World as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-120 Maranatha as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-121 Paper Dove as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-301 The Innocents as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-302 Exegesis as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-303 TEOTWAWKI as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-303 TEOTWAWKI as Writer

MLM#-304 Closure as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-305 ...Thirteen Years Later as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-306 Skull and Bones as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-307 Through A Glass Darkly as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-308 Omerta as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-309 Human Essence as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-310 Borrowed Time as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-311 Collateral Damage as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-312 The Sound of Snow as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-313 Antipas as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-313 Antipas as Writer

MLM#-314 Matryoshka as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-315 Forcing the End as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-316 Saturn Dreaming of Mercury as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-318 Darwin's Eye as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-317 Bardo Thodol as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-319 Seven and One as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-319 Seven and One as Writer

MLM#-320 Nostalgia as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-321 Via Dolorosa as Co-Executive Producer

MLM#-322 Goodbye To All That as Co-Executive Producer

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