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A Millennium cast profile of Bill Smitrovich, listing all episodes and seasons in which Bill Smitrovich appeared. The main cast and guest stars of Chris Carter's Millennium have summaries, trivia and biographies where available.

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  • May 16 1947.


  • Bill Smitrovich is currently 77 years old.

Personal Trivia

  • It is said that Bill Smitrovich's character Bob Bletcher was written out of the series in this episode (much to the sadness of the show's fans) because of an alleged feud between Bill and Millennium's lead actor Lance Henriksen.
  • Bill Smitrovich appeared in 11 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Awards Won for Millennium

  • Unfortunately Bill Smitrovich didn't win any awards for Millennium.

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  • Sadly Bill Smitrovich didn't receive any award nominations for Millennium.

Bill Smitrovich's Millennium Cast Profile

Bill Smitrovich - Millennium profile image.


Bill Smitrovich (born William Stanley Zmitrowicz, Jr.; May 16, 1947) is an American actor.

Personal Life

He was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the son of Anna (née Wojna) and Stanley William Zmitrowicz, a tool and die maker. He is of Polish descent. Bill is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport (1972) and holds an MFA from Smith College (1976). He is married to Shaw Purnell from Pittsburgh, PA. They have a son, Alexander John, and a daughter Maya Christina, four years younger.


Smitrovich has starred in a number of television series. His first prominent TV series role was in the 1980s series Crime Story as Det. Danny Krychek. He went on to star in the hit drama series Life Goes On (1989-93). Smitrovich was the lead guest star in the pilot film of the 1980s crime drama hit series Miami Vice. He also appeared in the final episode of NYPD Blue. He has also been seen in The Henry Lee Project with Danny Glover. In 1996, Smitrovich was cast in Millennium, created and produced by Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files. He is perhaps best known for his roles on the A&E series A Nero Wolfe Mystery (based on the Nero Wolfe detective stories by Rex Stout) as Inspector Cramer, and on the ABC hit series The Practice as Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Walsh and then went on to Without a Trace, where he played the recurring character of Chief Alex Olcyk. In 2010 he starred in the NBC series The Event as Vice President Raymond Jarvis.

Smitrovich has also played a number of characters in military roles. These include Independence Day (1996), Air Force One (1997), Thirteen Days (2000), Fail Safe (2000), and Eagle Eye (2008). He has made many guest appearances on various television shows. His best-known appearances include the two-part Star Trek: Deep Space Nine third season episode "Past Tense," 24, Numb3rs, NYPD Blue, Touched by an Angel, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds, and Castle.

Smitrovich has also starred in several television movies, playing Alexander Haig in the 2003 biographical TV miniseries The Reagans, as well as filling roles in Futuresport (1998) and in The '60s miniseries (1999). On film, Smitrovich's roles include the Stephen King adaptation Silver Bullet (1985), Renegades (1989), The Trigger Effect (1996), Gridiron Gang (2006), and the Marvel Comics superhero movie Iron Man (2008).

Bill played the role of Mr. Zimburger in the Johnny Depp film The Rum Diary. He also appeared as the head of the CIA, Hanley, in Pierce Brosnan's The November Man.

Profile text courtesy of Wikipedia contributors, "Bill Smitrovich," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

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Millennium Appearances

Bill Smitrovich appeared in the following 11 episode/s of Millennium:

MLM#-100 Pilot as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-101 Gehenna as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-104 The Judge as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-106 Blood Relatives as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-107 The Well-Worn Lock as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-108 Wide Open as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-113 The Thin White Line as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-114 Sacrament as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-115 Walkabout as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-117 Lamentation as Lt. Bob Bletcher

MLM#-118 Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions as Lt. Bob Bletcher