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Lara Means - Millennium Character Profile

A Millennium character profile, listing all episodes and seasons in which Lara Means appeared. The main characters of Chris Carter's Millennium have summaries and biographies where available. Where possible and relevant, we've also included any determined allegiance to for example Millennium Group Factions such as Owls and Roosters or if the person is determined as being a member of Legion etc.

Please note that our episode, cast, character and crew profiles may contain potential spoilers if you have yet to see the entire series of Millennium.


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Personal Trivia

  • Lara Means's Millennium Group Database login is the phrase: "Open the pod bay door, please Hal". Taken from the movie, 2001: A Space Oddyssy
  • Actress Kristen Cloke who plays Lara Means is married to Glen Morgan, and hence is the sister-in-law of Darin Morgan.
  • Kristen was hugely popular in the Morgan and Wong produced (Hard Eight Productions) Space: Above and Beyond.
  • Lara Means is often mistakingly called Laura by Millennium's fans.
  • Lara Means only appeared in Season Two of Millennium and was very popular with the show's fans. She was famous for her saying "Here's my thing...".
  • Lara Means appeared in 10 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Lara Means' Millennium Character Profile

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Lara was a highly professional forensic psychologist who frequently assisted Frank on Group assigned cases. She was also cursed by an angelic presence that warned her of imminent danger.

During the weeks leading up to her induction into the Millennium Group, Lara's angel abandoned her in fear of a higher power and she was left without its guidance. Alone and faced with the responsibility of being a Group member, Lara's sanity quickly diminished. Her final act was giving her Marburg Virus vaccine to Frank, who then gave it to Jordan. She was hospitalized as a result of her mental condition.

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Lara Means was a character in the television series Millennium.

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Lara Means appeared in the following 10 episode/s of Millennium: