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Millennium Season Three - Episode Teaser trailers

This page contains the original video episode trailers, sometimes referred to as teasers which appeared on television and were used to advertise forthcoming episodes and seasons of Chris Carter's Millennium television series. These video clips are avalable in Windows Media Video (WMV) and also in MP4 format. They are listed in the original television ordering, that which is the same episode order as the DVD release.

N.B. Please note that these video clips although now available in a modern HTML5 compatible MP4 format, are by today's standards in an extremely low resolution. This is because they were originally shared online via Twentieth Century Fox's original Millennium website, during the era of painfully slow 1990's dial-up 56kbps internet connections.


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Millennium Trailers

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Millennium Season Three - Episode Preview Trailers

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An image from Millennium: The Innocents.

#MLM-301 The Innocents

- View Episode Profile for The Innocents

Eight months following the fade of the Marburg Virus that killed Catherine, Frank and Jordan find themselves in Washington, D.C. Frank not only has difficulty getting back to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation but also is given a hard time from Catherine's bitter father. When the case of a plane crash full of identical blonde women seems to hold connections to the Millennium Group and other Marburg mysteries, Frank decides to join Special Agents Emma Hollis and Barry Baldwin in investigating.


An image from Millennium: Exegesis.

#MLM-302 Exegesis

- View Episode Profile for Exegesis

Frank Black and his new partner, Special Agent Emma Hollis, continue to investigate a family of identical women that are being systematically killed off. Are they the product of a Cold War experiment in remote viewing? If so, what is the now-murderous Millennium Group's interest in having them brutally killed off?


An image from Millennium: TEOTWAWKI.


- View Episode Profile for TEOTWAWKI

After a fatal shooting during a high school basketball game Frank Black, Emma Hollis, and Special Agent Barry Baldwin travel to Seattle to become involved in an investigation that will soon lead to a survivalist group supported by a high-brow computer corporation. It soon becomes evident that this group is so frightened of the predicted Y2K computer meltdown that they're stockpiling food and weapons in preparation for their own Armageddon and willing to kill anyone, including their own children, in order to ensure their own survival.


An image from Millennium: Closure.

#MLM-304 Closure

- View Episode Profile for Closure

A heavily armed spree killer and his tag along friends are on the loose, killing for pure amusement, and the case leads Emma Hollis into thoughts regarding the violent death of her own sister. Frank Black, who had previously been keeping a distance between himself and his new partner, takes Emma under his wing to bring some closure to both their current case and her own personal demons.


An image from Millennium: ...Thirteen Years Later.

#MLM-305 ...Thirteen Years Later

- View Episode Profile for ...Thirteen Years Later

To Frank Black's dismay, a movie is being shot based upon an infamous serial killer case he himself solved 13 years ago. Things get a little out of hand when new murders begin occurring with the same pattern featured in the film and case files. Frank hopes to find the answers during the filming of the movie's finale, at a KISS concert, while Emma searches famous horror films for clues.


An image from Millennium: Skull and Bones.

#MLM-306 Skull and Bones

- View Episode Profile for Skull and Bones

When Emma Hollis and Barry Baldwin are dispatched to investigate a mass grave found beneath a highway construction site they come face to face with Peter Watts and a Millennium Group team. Frank Black, at Quantico investigating the case through a reclusive and paranoid man who seems to have witnessed the killings, tries his best to determine what interest the Millennium Group has in the deaths. Both Frank and Emma soon discover the Group may have sinister intent and that anyone who uncovers the truth may be in grave danger.


An image from Millennium: Through a Glass, Darkly.

#MLM-307 Through a Glass, Darkly

- View Episode Profile for Through a Glass, Darkly

When a child disappears in a small town, attention immediately turns to a recently released sex offender tried and convicted for similar offenses twenty years ago. Frank Black and Emma Hollis arrive on the scene and are quick to point out that this man may not be deserving of their blame and their hate for him is blinding them to the true series of events.


An image from Millennium: Human Essence.

#MLM-309 Human Essence

- View Episode Profile for Human Essence

A series of events in Vancouver reveals that Emma Hollis' half-sister has developed a heavy drug habit which is affecting Emma's position with the FBI. Emma is soon faced with a painful choice. Should she drop the matter to preserve her role with the Bureau or get to the bottom of what local addicts claim to be a series of bizarre mutations being forced on them through tainted heroin?


An image from Millennium: Omerta.

#MLM-308 Omerta

- View Episode Profile for Omerta

Frank Black decides to take Jordan on a Christmas vacation rather than allow her to dwell on the fact that this will be their first holiday without Catherine. The small Vermont town they travel to proves to be less quiet than expected, however, when the two become involved with a dead Mafia hit man who appears in the woods looking very much alive! What is the secret behind two magical women living amongst the trees and what effects do they have on those they heal?


An image from Millennium: Borrowed Time.

#MLM-310 Borrowed Time

- View Episode Profile for Borrowed Time

Frank Black and Emma Hollis investigate a series of apparent drownings that occurred on dry land and discover that each and every victim had cheated death once before. Could these people, all members of a near death experience support group, be living on time borrowed from heaven? The case turns shockingly personal when Jordan falls terribly ill and Frank notices a man from the recent crime scenes, clad all in black, standing by her bedside.


An image from Millennium: Collateral Damage.

#MLM-311 Collateral Damage

- View Episode Profile for Collateral Damage

Peter Watts is forced into the most distressing of circumstances when the eldest of his three beloved daughters, Taylor, is abducted by an enraged Gulf War veteran who has turned to violence, hoping to push the Millennium Group into admitting their crimes. Frank Black and Emma Hollis, part of the help effort, are met with great conflict from the bitter Watts who seems sorrowfully determined to let his daughter die rather than betray the secrets of his Group.


An image from Millennium: The Sound of Snow.

#MLM-312 The Sound of Snow

- View Episode Profile for The Sound of Snow

Frank Black is forwarded a mysterious copy of a cassette tape filled with audio white noise. A trip back home to Seattle illustrates that people all over Washington state are being sent the tape, and its effects are killing them! Refusing to drop the investigation, Frank submits himself to the tape's power again and again, leading him to a shocking reliving of Catherine's death and a powerful meeting from beyond the grave.


An image from Millennium: Antipas.

#MLM-313 Antipas

- View Episode Profile for Antipas

When murder and mayhem become frequent at the estate of a Wisconsin politician, Frank Black snatches the case from Emma Hollis in order to pursue the woman he knows to be committing the crimes: his demonic nemesis, Lucy Butler. Now posing as a nanny, what are Lucy's plans for the politician's daughter? Frank's investigation becomes personal and dangerous when he learns, once and for all, what Lucy's plans are for his life.


An image from Millennium: Matryoshka.

#MLM-314 Matryoshka

- View Episode Profile for Matryoshka

An investigation conducted by Frank Black and Emma Hollis into a retired FBI agent's suicide leads to some confusing information that links the Bureau to the Millennium Group's modern rebirth 50 years ago. Piling evidence and personal memoirs also imply that both organizations had their hands in the powerful historical events the occurred at the Los Alamos nuclear research center.


An image from Millennium: Forcing the End.

#MLM-315 Forcing the End

- [Episode Profile]

Acting as swiftly as possible while the opportunity presents itself, a fundamentalist Jewish group abducts a pregnant woman, hoping to gain ownership over the woman's unborn child. They hope to fulfill biblical prophecy by raising a pure child for the new millennium, forcing it into the priesthood, and leading the second coming of the Messiah at the yet-to-be built third temple in Jerusalem. Emma Hollis suspects Millennium Group involvement in these events and is shocked when Peter Watts reaches out to her to help close the investigation.

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Forcing the End.

An image from Millennium: Saturn Dreaming of Mercury.

#MLM-316 Saturn Dreaming of Mercury

- [Episode Profile]

Jordan is filled with uneasy knowledge that the devil has come to town when a new family moves into the Black's neighborhood. Frank's unsure how to handle the situation when an imaginary friend named Simon leads Jordan into a biting incident at school, an attack on the family's father, and violently uncharacteristic behavior. Could Jordan's now advanced powers of perception be identifying the presence of evil? Emma is hurt when Frank refuses to reveal what it is he and his daughter are cursed to live with.

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Saturn Dreaming of Mercury.

An image from Millennium: Darwin's Eye.

#MLM-318 Darwin's Eye

- [Episode Profile]

Frank Black and Emma Hollis are forced to consider how many of their cases are truly ruled by conspiracy when a young girl, put in an asylum after being accused of murdering her parents, escapes from captivity with the help of a willing Sheriff's Deputy. Are the girl's rants regarding evolution and constant drawing of crossed palm trees a sign that there may be a more complex cover-up at work? Or is she, like Emma's ailing father, simply going mad?

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Darwin's Eye.

An image from Millennium: Bardo Thodol.

#MLM-317 Bardo Thodol

- [Episode Profile]

The discovery of a cooler full of living hands draws Emma Hollis' attention to mysterious research conducted by former Millennium Group member Dr. Steven Takahashi, a man now afflicted by a disfiguring and deadly disease. These secrets leave one murderous Millennium Group operative desperate to kill Takahashi as Frank Black holds watch by his bedside. Emma engages in a desperate attempt to lash out at the Group with the knowledge she's gained, hoping to prove she can do so on her own.

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Bardo Thodol.

An image from Millennium: Seven and One.

#MLM-319 Seven and One

- [Episode Profile]

Frank Black, for the third time in his life, ends up on the receiving end of a series of disturbing Polaroid photographs. This time, however, he begins questioning his own sanity, for the digitally enhanced photos depict the victim of a horrible drowning accident and the face in the Polaroids is his own. Is a ruthless demon seeking to push him over the edge into madness? Frank's painful childhood memories and the FBI's opinions that he is a crazed man make it all the more difficult for him to confront the evil attempting to ruin him.

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Seven and One.

An image from Millennium: Nostalgia.

#MLM-320 Nostalgia

- [Episode Profile]

When a dog digs up a freshly severed woman's leg, Frank Black and Emma Hollis travel to a small town, where Emma spent part of her nomadic youth, to investigate. Frank, from the start, knows fully well who the culprit is but a lack of evidence forces him to engage in a dangerous game of slowly breaking down the killer's psyche, thus forcing him to reveal his own crimes.

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Nostalgia.

An image from Millennium: Via Dolorosa.

#MLM-321 Via Dolorosa

- [Episode Profile]

As Frank Black watches one of his greatest foes, Ed Cuffle, die in the electric chair he assumes he's found a way to put evil behind him. Shocking serial murders with patterns familiar to Frank prove, however, that someone's found a way to bring Ed back. Emma Hollis' father's illness takes a dangerous turn, forcing her through a series of painful choices. Peter Watts emerges from the shadows with arms outstretched to Emma, offering her father a cure in exchange for assisting the Millennium Group. As Emma and Peter enter into a silent agreement, Frank, Barry Baldwin and the FBI make a desperate attempt to stop the new Ed Cuffle.

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Via Dolorosa.

An image from Millennium: Goodbye To All That.

#MLM-322 Goodbye To All That

- [Episode Profile]

With Frank Black being held responsible for Barry Baldwin's death at the hands of a Millennium Group assassin, Emma Hollis further distances herself from her former mentor while gaining Millennium Group membership. The Federal Bureau of Investigation dismisses Frank once and for all from its ranks, an act which pulls the Bureau and the Millennium Group closer to each other. Frank, Emma, and Peter engage in angry attacks against each other as the new Ed Cuffle continues to leave a trail of bodies. The battle will end in role reversal for all, an end to things as they once were, and an uncertain future.

Sorry, there is no trailer available for the Millennium episode Goodbye To All That.