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Millennium's Crew Roles

Presented below is a list of all the roles undertaken on Millennium by its crew, in alphabetical order. You can click on any role to see a list of all crew members who undertook that chosen role.


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About this Listing:

This Millennium Listing shows who wrote each episode. Some episodes of the series were in fact written by more than one Writer and this is reflected by choosing a work role from the list.

Some popular credited roles include:


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Millennium Episodes

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The Time Is Now

Somehow Satan

Goodbye To All That

A Room With No View


Millennium Cast

Our top 5 most accessed Millennium Cast Profiles are:

Kate Luyben

Brittany Tiplady

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Lance Henriksen

Megan Gallagher


Millennium Characters

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Catherine Black

Lucy Butler

Frank Black

Peter Watts

Alex Glaser


Millennium Crew

Our top 5 most accessed Millennium Crew Profiles are:

Kimberley Regent

Chris Carter

James Wong

David Nutter

Mark Snow



There were approximately 101 individual work roles credited throughout the Millennium TV series. This number is approximate, because the database count query includes credited references such as Presented in and Filmed on location in. Some of these work roles or types were undertaken by more than one person (i.e. multiple writers or directors etc) and you can see a list of people or companies who undertook these roles by simply clicking on the listed roles below. Our database currently holds 243 individual crew members and contracted companies such as Gastown Film Labs. Presented below is a list of all 101 individually credited roles on the Millennium TV series.