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Johnnie Mack Potter - Millennium Character Profile

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  • Johnnie Mack Potter appeared in 1 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Johnnie Mack Potter's Millennium Character Profile

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Johnnie Mack Potter appeared in the Millennium second season episode, Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me, in which it is stated he is the most prolific murderer in America.

During the episode, four men who are seen to be demons, meet up for coffee in the Donut Hole coffee shop. Blurk one of the four, laments to Abum, Greb and Toby how the current century lacks characters and personalities. He illustrates his point by recounting a story in which he met up with a young man, Perry, who had potential serial killer written all over him.

Posing as a hitchhiker in human form, Blurk befriended Perry, and the pair struck up a conversation about serial killers. Perry pointed out a little devil statuette on the dashboard of his van, noting that Johnnie Mack Potter, the most prolific murderer in America, made it in prison. Blurk revealed that he, too, collected murder memorabilia, and told Perry that he possessed all the makings of a prototypical serial killer. He encourages Perry's talent, telling him to play the hand he had been dealt.

Soon after, Perry began killing prostitutes, and eventually announced his intention to beat Potter's record. Eventually, Perry came one murder shy of making the record books. However, it was at that point that Frank Black began closing in on the killer. During the investigation, Black saw Blurk for the devil he is... something that perplexes Blurk to the current day. Bored with the killings, Blurk gave authorities a clue that led to Perry's arrest. Ironically, Perry ended up sharing a cell with his idol, Johnnie Mack Potter... who proceeded to strangle Perry, and remains the undisputed king of the serial killers.

Profile courtesy of The Old Man.

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Johnnie Mack Potter was a character in the television series Millennium.

Violence Markers

Johnnie Mack Potter was responsible for the murder of Perry during the Millennium episode Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me (#MLM-221).

Millennium Appearances

Johnnie Mack Potter appeared in the following 1 episode/s of Millennium: