Peter Outerbridge - Barry The Dead

Peter Outerbridge portrayed Agent Barry Baldwin in the third season of Millennium.


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This is a cast interview with Peter Outerbridge.

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  • Peter Outerbridge appeared in 9 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Peter Outerbridge - Barry The Dead

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Peter Outerbridge portrayed Agent Barry Baldwin in the third season of Millennium before meeting his fate in 'Goodbye To All That' at the hands of the Millennium Group. Since that time, Peter's career has continued to rise to stellar proportions with Regenesis, Fringe and the upcoming genre fave, Saw VI. BackToFrankBlack was delighted when Peter took time from his busy schedule to speak to us.

BACKTOFRANKBLACK: Most of your scenes, as Barry Baldwin, had you interacting with Lance Henriksen, Stephen E. Miller and Klea Scott, all of whom have recounted fond memories of their time on the show and their association with the cast and crew, do you recall the experience of working with these individuals to be a rewarding one?

PETER OUTERBRIDGE: Overall I had a fantastic time on the show. It was a great cast and crew to work with and the material was always interesting.

BTFB: It has been perceived by fans that the early portion of the third season of Millennium found it a little difficult to establish itself after the climatic ending of the second season and that it took time to define the new characters and redefine it's own direction. Was there a palpable sense amongst the cast and crew that things were a little unsure to begin with or did everyone appear to have a clear vision of Millennium, Season Three.

PO: I think there was a certain hesitant vibe to the beginning of season 3. The problem was the ending of season two where it was suggested, quite certainly, that the end had begun. A massive pandemic was certainly raging out of control in the U.S. so to begin season three with everything not as bad as all that was a bit of a gamble with the fans. Kind of like tossing out a story idea half way through the telling. However, it was suggested to me that a lot of the fans hadn't liked the direction the show had gone in season two so maybe a dramatic overhaul of the show is what was needed. Hey, I got a job out of it so who am I to say.

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