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Eric Swan - Millennium Character Profile

A Millennium character profile, listing all episodes in which Eric Swan appeared. All main characters of Chris Carter's Millennium have detailed profile descriptions and profile photos where available, with more descriptions routinely added.

Where relevant, the Millennium character profile includes any determined ties or specific allegiances, for example with the competing factions of the Millennium Group introduced in Season Two; the secular Owls or the theological Roosters, or whether the character is determined as being associated with the seemingly coordinated presence of pure evil working against humanity, known informally as Legion.

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Personal Trivia

  • Sergeant Eric Swan worked closely with Sergeant David Cougar, who was murdered by the Millennium Group.
  • Swan and Cougar spent time together in a psych ward at Walter Reed.
  • They both were obsessed by biological agents they said were used in Desert Storm. Swan wrote letters, called into radio talk shows.
  • Swan frequented the 'Conspiracy Central' website under the name of Thomas Paine.
  • Swan used to call in to Art Bell's radio talk show, under the name Thomas Paine.
  • On February 25th 1991 during the Ground operation of the Gulf War's Desert Storm, Swan aged 19 was ordered to load biological shells containing Microplasma flavivirus (Marburg) and fire at a target predetermined by the Millennium Group, later confirmed by Peter Watts as Vector 83.2, range 1200 yards. He challenged the order which was noted and recorded under Article 15, document number BX732, dated 25 February 1991.
  • Eric Swan was killed by Taylor Watts, daughter of Millennium Group Patron Peter Watts.
  • Eric Swan appeared in 1 episode/s of the Millennium television series.

Eric Swan's Millennium Character Profile

Eric Swan - Millennium profile image.


Swan was responsible for the abduction of Taylor Watts, an attempt to force The Millennium Group into admitting their release of the Marburg Virus on Gulf War soldiers. He often called into Art Bell‘s radio talk-show under the pseudonym Thomas Paine.

Profile courtesy of Millennium FAQ.

Millennium Cast, Character or Crew Credit

Eric Swan was a character in the television series Millennium.

Violence Markers

Eric Swan was responsible for the attempted murder of Taylor Watts during the Millennium episode Collateral Damage (#MLM-311).

Millennium Appearances

Eric Swan appeared in the following 1 episode/s of Millennium: